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Every prayer that has been written has been offered to God, based on the writings of different Devotional Messages. At the end of each message, a prayer to the Lord has been made. Each of the prayers have a link to it’s related devotional for you to read. I pray that these prayers will bless your life and that they will increase your own desire to pray.

Oh Lord, I pray that people will make a conscience decision to follow You and to not make bad decisions in life. Surely the decisions they are making right now will either set them up for guilt and shame or peace and joy, now and in the future. We can either be in Your will or against Your will. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about walking in Your ways. We are either in the world or doing things that You have led us in. There is either light or darkness ruling our lives. Therefore, we know that our ways will not lead us into eternal happiness or joy, but only temporary satisfaction. We are either stumbling throughout life, while walking on the path of destruction or walking uprightly, while being led by the Spirit. You are what makes us live differently, God. You are the one that lights up our lives, so that we can be a good example to others around us. We don't have to worry about hiding our faults, for our ways are showcased with You at the head. There is nothing to be ashamed about when You are leading us. Thank You Lord. It is my prayer that people wake up to their sins and repent. May they start seeking You above other things that are only weighing them down and keeping them from You. Help them clean out their closets, that they may get right with You today. If they have committed abortion, convict them of these faults also, that they may start thinking straight and understand the gravity of the situation. Then, will they be a good influence to others ,that they may choose life in the future. I love You Lord. I believe in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people that say they are of the faith will desire to learn from You always and not man. May they understand that there are many false prophets in this world, and we ought to be seeking You through Your Words, in order to know what is true and what is false. It is my wish to not lead anyone astray, and I wish others would feel the same way. Surely, many people have told me, "let me just believe the way I believe in and you can do the same", or, "I will just keep believing in what I believe in and then in judgment we will find out who was right". This is very disturbing, God. Especially since these people would rather keep believing in what their current church or religion is telling them, rather than what the Bible says. When speaking with these people, so many times do they not want to hear what Your Word says about certain things, but when asked about what they've learned from their teachers and prophets, they speak the world about them and their teachings. How disconcerting this is. Truly, people would rather feel good about they are doing and believing, then to be led to safety. They don't know the dangers they are in by following after what people are telling them, especially if it doesn't stack up with the Bible. Surely, we can get the wrong conclusion about You, Your gospel, and Your teachings, when corruption is at the heart of people. Oh, how I wish to take these lost souls by the hand and lead them to Your light, but I need Your help. Nothing can change for the better if the Holy Spirit is not doing the convicting in their lives. So fill me this day and forever with the Spirit of God. Use me to bring lost souls unto You for salvation. I wish that many souls would be saved in Your Kingdom, oh Lord. I love You God. I trust in You. Amen.
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Oh lord, I pray that people will learn from the fall of Satan and not also be elevated in stature like he was. Surely, pride can get in the way of us following in Your footsteps, and instead follow what is evil instead. We cannot do anything in this life that is worthwhile without Your holy presence in our lives. Without You, we are only walking in darkness and don’t even know it. In doing this, we only have a cloak over our eyes to see things in this world and find pleasure in it for a time, but without Your love and peace, there is always guilt and shame that comes along with these things. Therefore, we cannot find true happiness by filling our lives with more junk that that the world wants to throw at us. These things are only temporary and are setting us back from following You entirely, of Lord. So help us not get caught up in the pleasures of this life, but what You have to offer us. This is when true satisfaction comes and we can now experience what it means to be joyful. While in the world, we can trick our minds into thinking that our earthly riches or treasures will make us happier, but when it is all set and done, the sting of death will still come our way. Then, will we have to face You in judgement and our many sins will be before us. So Lord, help people understand that they cannot take their belongs in death. Only what Your blessing will we take with us. So no earthly treasures can match the things that You can do in our lives. I am so much happier when I am led to pray over somebody, pay for someone's drink, food or clothing, and witnessing the gospel to others. This is when joy comes and I cannot get enough of it. Your blessings do come when we serve only You, Lord. I love Your ways and want more of You in my life. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that more pastors will not be afraid of teaching on the topic of pornography. Surely, if they are saved and You have rescued them from this sexual sin, then they ought to be preaching against it. Just as You saved me, oh Lord, from the bondage of this addiction, You are able to free anyone that puts their faith in You. We are not here to fight our own battles, for that will never help us in the long run. That is why You have called people as Your pastors in churches. These people are here to warn the flock of God of the wrath to come, lest they repent and come unto You fully, Jesus. For this reason, I pray that people that are called to be a pastor will live up to their calling and say and do as the Holy Spirit leads them and not say or do what people in the church are telling them. Surely, it is better to help people know what is wicked and righteous in Your sight, then to lead people on the pathway to hell, unknowingly. Therefore, I am grateful Lord that You have at least given me and other evangelists, teachers and pastors the boldness to preach on this topic of pornography. I am not afraid to say what You have and other men of God have said in scripture. I don't wish to see anyone that says they believe in You to not be saved, because of a sin like pornography. These people may be in bondage now, but they can be set free through Your almighty power. Come Lord, and convict these people of their sins, so that they will confess their sins openly to You today. Then, can they be cleansed from all their sins and be placed on the path of righteousness. Surely, your mercy and forgiveness is for them. They can know the way, like I have, when we look to You, God. I love You. I trust in You, Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, it is my prayer that we remember who we are at all times. That we don't just put up a good showing while at church, and then live an entirely different life outside of its walls. If we believe, let this be made known every day of our lives. Shine through us, that we may be a light unto this darken world. Give us ears to hear what is righteous and not give heed to what is wicked. Your ways are for us, but the world only offers sin and death. So we ask that You expel any bondage left in our lives, that we may begin to seek You with our whole hearts. As we follow You, You have put in us new desires. Our old life is put away and we now walk in newness of life. Thank You Lord. Thank You for choosing us while we were in sin, and showing us the right path to follow. It is a blessing and an honor to be chosen by You and to be under You, our last High Priest. And because You are our Shepherd and bishop to our souls, our hearts are open to You always. We come at Your feet, in order to listen to You, and then follow Your commands. Otherwise, we are not for You and are lost. These people, Lord, are seeking the wrong things and don't even realize it. And because Satan is guiding them and not You, they have no real reason to live. Your holy presence is what we need in life to be happy. This is what helps us know the way and to seek after righteousness. We cannot do this on our own, for we will only stumble and fall because of temptation. So gird us up with Your armor, oh Lord. Help us take upon ourselves the Word of God, that we might be protected when the enemy strikes. I believe in You. I trust in You, God. Oh, how I love You, Lord. Amen.
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Lord, it is my prayer that more people make a decision today to follow You. To stop living their own lives an instead, repent of their sins. I know that You are waiting for us all to just take You by the hand and then You will do the rest. We don't have to wonder throughout life, trying to find the right way, for You are ready to guide and direct us on the right path now. Unfortunately, our flesh gets in the way and people start thinking that their self-gratification is more important to them then your salvation. This is very sad to see people risk their own lives, just for temporary pleasure in different things. Truly, they are on the verge of either escaping their life of sin, or are getting themselves further trapped in it. So I pray that they will be rescued before time is up. It would very hard to see people that I know and love go to hell, when their decision to repent and come unto You was always in the back of their minds. I know that sin can do terrible things in our lives. It can ruin the relationship we once had with You. Thank You for showing me this, so that I could repent. I would never want to lose out on Your eternal presence in my life now and the next. What I have learned is that Your blessings are more important to me, then whatever the world or the flesh can offer me. I can be poor, but still be rich in You, God. All I need is Your presence and I have the greatest joy of all. Nothing Satan can offer me can ever replace Your great love. All I want is more of You and less of me. Take my heart, Lord, and use me for Your greater good. I wish to be Your servant, that many lives will also see Your love through me. Light up my life, oh Lord. Give me strength to carry on. Lead me away from temptation. Build me up with Your armor. I trust in You. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people in the faith will open up their lives to You and for the care of their brothers and sisters in the faith. May they begin to see past themselves and see the needs of others also. Then, will they begin to do Your will and care for other individuals that are hurting. They would lift these beautiful people up in the faith, while fellow-shipping with them and praying with them often. Give these people a loving heart for all Your children and not just those in their family outside the faith. I know that we are Your children and are now a part of a much greater family then the one I was born in. Truly, every member of the faith is a part of that eternal family, of which I will be with in heaven. I am so looking forward to this, Lord. It truly brings a smile to my face to know that every person that believes in and follows You, Jesus, that I will be with them and You also in heaven. It will be a most wonderful family and we will rejoice together in Your heavenly home. And as I am looking forward to this time with You on this new earth and in heaven, I hope and pray that I will never lose sight of these same brothers and sisters, while on earth. May I know who is in need, that I might pray for them and with them? Help me care for the people in church, that all their spiritual and physical needs will be met in Your presence, oh God. Because You are the supplier of all good things for my life, I wish to share the same joy that it gives me with those in the faith also. Help them see how You have transformed my life and how they also can be changed. No sin can stand in the way of Your mercy. No sickness can stand in the way of Your healing power. You are the Lord God almighty and can do all things. I trust in You, God. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that we will all come to know You, before our lives are set and done. Oh, how I wish that more souls would be saved, through calling upon Your name in heartfelt prayer. Through repentance, You are able to cleanse us from within. There is peace and joy that can be found in Your presence. I just wish every person could experience this type of love and serenity that only You can give us, God. We can try to find happiness in all the wrong places, but we will always end up with guilt and shame. I don't wish this lifestyle upon anyone God, but these people are choosing such an awful lifestyle for themselves and don't even realize it. Though they may have lived a life that was good for their own sight, this will not be the case for them in the next life if they did not believe in and trust in You, Jesus. Your ways are higher than our own. Surely, we cannot walk in wickedness and still think that we are saved and going to heaven. It is only by allowing You to take over our lives and lead us in the ways of righteousness that we can find the right way to live. For that way is found through You, Jesus. You have come down and payed the price for our sins, while on the cross. We could not have done this on our own, so You willfully did this for us. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord. All the praise and honor to Your great Name. It is my prayer that more people will experience Your mercy and forgiveness in their lives. May they be saved by Your grace. Convict these people that are hard hearted now to repent. May they listen to their Christian parents or Christian friends, if there are any, and the street evangelists. You are speaking through us through many people, that we can saved and one day go to heaven. This I believe and know that You are my God. No other place I'd rather be but to live this life wholly for You. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people that say they believe in You, will also pray often and read the Bible daily. This way will they know and do what You have taught us and follow the teachings of men. It is so important that we don't let other people get our beliefs mixed up with their own doctrines of men. So help shield our minds, as we start learning what You have taught us in scripture. May we know if we what we are already believing in is true and what people are trying us to teach is true as well. If there is any false believes inside of us now, flush them out, oh Lord. If there are false teachings being taught in the church that we go to, bring this to our attention, that we might walk away from it and find a more faithful Bible believing church. I don't wish my mind to become accepting of things that You have said nothing about or against. For this reason, God, it is my wish to have Your Spirit with me at all times. Help me know the difference between what is good in Your sight and what is evil. May I never fall victim to believing in another gospel again. I now know from scripture that Jesus died for our sins on the cross and was resurrected the third day. Believing in this, I know to be the truth gospel message. Because You died for my sins, Jesus, I have forgiveness and mercy. When I repent and come unto You fully, then You are able to set me free and put me on the right path. In doing this, You are able to lead me away from sin and into Your light. It is because You have risen, I am made alive in the Spirit and am able to know what is righteous and holy in Your sight. I love You ways, oh Lord. Keep me in the faith, and never let me drift in any other direction. I love You more than the comforts of knowing anything else that You can teach me. Your ways are true and faithful and I am grateful to be a part of it. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people that desire to follow You will also trust in Your Words in the Bible. May they search the scriptures daily, that when they hear something new they can know if it is true or false. Your words are our map in this life, and help us stay focused on what is true and faithful. It is our own desires and wishes that lead us to think differently than what You have spoken to us in scripture. When we get caught up following a specific person or teacher, this truly can does a negative work in our lives. Because our time and attention is now given over to seeing what they are up to and teaching on a regular basis, your teaching become less important. Over time they may have lost all its value. Even false prophets can come into the scene and deceive millions of people, because people are more comfortable in what they can believe in, then what You have said in the Bible. This is deadly in every way, since malicious people are leading people down the path of destruction and people aren't even realizing it until it is too late. Lord, if people could be more diligently seeking You, then this would never happen. So come into these people's lives and break them down a level, that their pride may fail them. Come and teach them Your ways, that the darkness may leave them and Your light may enter in. Then, will they start reading the Bible like a child and absorb everything You have to teach them. Thank You God for leading me out of church that was not for You, but Satan. Mormonism had a stronghold upon my life, but You broke those chains. Thank You Lord. I pray that many more people in that religion will also be set free. I love You Lord. I believe in everything the Bible has to say and teach me. I trust in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray for people in the faith that are now struggling with their beliefs and are now walking in the world. The influences in these people's lives are what has caused them to stumble and fall into sin. It could be the bad friends they are hanging out with and also what they spend their time doing outside of school or work. Because our friends have a great influence upon our thinking, this is why so many people have left You and gone astray into dark paths. They people have also put what their fleshly desires ahead of you and therefore they walk willfully for the world and against You. Please help these people be convicted of the wickedness in their lives. In this way will they, will they wake up to their sins and repent. May they see and understand the bad choices that they have made. Help them be delivered from their addictions, that they may come whole heartedly back to You. Truly, there is forgiveness and mercy for every sinner that calls upon Your Name, Jesus. I just pray that they will make the right decision and call upon You now. In these confessions, may they begin to fear You and know how far they have stumbled against their mighty God. In this way will they fully repent and turn from their wicked ways once and for all. In this broken state, I pray that they will come and be refreshed Your peace, oh God. Fill their minds and hearts with Your goodness and grace. There is mercy to be had, because of what You have done for us on the cross, Jesus. You bled and died for our sins that we might have forgiveness. You are our Redeemer and Savior of this world. In You, do I trust and give my life to. I love You so much Lord. All the praise and glory to Your holy Name. You are my rock upon which I stand. You are my guide and have led me into green pastures. I am safe, because You are with me. Thank You Lord. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that people will make a decision now to follow You. And may this decision be permanent in their hearts and minds. So many people have walked for a time for Your cause, God, and have now went onto their own paths. The pride of their lives and laziness has kicked in and all of a sudden they don't have time for You. This truly breaks my heart to see people following You for a time and now living for their own selves. Do they not know that You are coming, of Lord? Truly, for us to be saved, we must be looking towards You in heaven and never let down our faith. It is when we stop seeking You is when our lives fall apart and sin enters in. How sad it is to see people living for the flesh and not knowing that they are in darkness. So Lord, I pray for conviction to come inside of these people's lives, that they may repent before it is too late. There is still hope for them. I hope to see more people saved before time is up. I know that You can lead me to these people that just need to be wakened, and then they will get back on the right path and follow You. Even the unbelievers can change their wicked way, once their hardened hearts are softened. So I pray that people will become humbled before You. May they come to know that there is a God of the heavens and that one day they will be judged by You. They need to know that heaven or hell awaits them, so that they more diligently live out their lives for You and not the world. So I pray for a breakthrough in people's lives. Light up their lives with the Holy Spirit, that they may be a blessing to those around them. I love You Lord. All I desire is to follow You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that more people will put their trust in You and start living out their faith, starting today. May they find rest in Your presence and overcome what is holding them back in the world. You are the one that can guard their heart from slipping back in sin, for You are able to hold us up when we are falling. It is Your will that nobody would perish, but have mercy and forgiveness in their lives. Sure, there are people that will never give ear to You because of their stubbornness and hard heart, but even some people like this have hope still. Just like You did for me, You can take them in their broken state and give them the peace that they need. Even though they have broken Your commands, all they need to do, Lord, is call upon Your Name and there will be strength given to them in that moment. You are so merciful and compassionate for our needs and these people will not even know what hit them when Your presence enters their life. They may not have room for You now, but after they experience Your abundant joy and happiness, their lives be much different. Just like I never had time for You, I now have all the time in the world to study the Bible and to pray. You are all I need now to be happy, God, and I know that many people have come to the same realization that I have. What You can bless us with is far greater than what the world offers. No matter the abundance of riches and lustful fulfillment, there is no comparison to the joy that I have found in You. It cannot be replaced by things that are temporary, for Your mercy endures and grace forever. I am a blessed man, because You are now a big part of my everyday life. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that every person in the Mormon faith will open their eyes to the truthfulness of the gospel. Open their hearts, that they may have eyes to see and ears to hear You. Take away the veil off of their faces and cast out all demonic forces out of their lives. Then, will they no longer be under the cloak of darkness and start seeking what is of God and not men. Surely, it is because of the false teachings in their church is why they don't understand You and the importance of the cross. It is foolishness to them, in the way that they downplaying it and lifting up Gethsemane instead. This is truly sad, oh Lord, since the gospel revolves around what You did on the cross and in the resurrection. They can't take away from it, without removing Your payment for our sins. There would be no forgiveness for what we have done wrong, if You, Jesus had not stepped in our place and died for us. Your Words are true that teach about the payment of sins on the cross and nowhere else. Anything that takes the place or adds to the cross is taking away the importance of what You have done, Lord. It very sad to see this and all the people that are led astray because of these false teachings, God. So cast out the evil spirits that is possessing the people in this false religion. Lead them out of this place and into a spirit filled church that teaches from the Bible and doesn't add or take away from it. As believers, we ought to be lifting up what You have said and not tearing it down. Surely, Your words are faithful and endure forever. No weapon formed against us can destroy them, for You are mighty. Thank You Lord for revealing the truth of the gospel to our hearts. We just ask that Your fire will come down upon these people and convict them of their sins and lead them to You. I love You, Lord. It is an honor to follow You. To read and study Your Words from the Bible is amazing. Thank You. I give You all the praise and all the glory. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will wake up to their sins and repent. There are many different sins and addictions that will destroy a person's life, if they are not rescued from by You from it. There is surely a path of destruction ahead of them and what they need is a Savior. So come unto every person that is bondage and a slave to sin now. Cut them loose, that they may be delivered from the chains of darkness and experience Your most wonderful light. We are delivered in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Truly, Your blood is what washes us and sets us free from the lusts that have us bound. In Your compassion, You come to a person like me in sin and take us by the hand. We may have walked a life of pain and regret long enough, but Your peace is what they need now to find hope. So cast out the guilt and the shame in people's lives and and fill them up with Your love. Help them experience the greatest joy of all, which is the presence of the Lord and the Holy Spirit in their lives. It is when we are guided by Your hand is when we are safe. Our thoughts are tuned in unto You and we find deliverance from the enemy. Thank You for building us up, oh Lord, and leading us to safety. It is Your mighty power that leads sinners to repentance and we need Your conviction more and more in our daily walk. Help us to know if we are in the wrong, especially if it does not agree with You. Give us clean hands God, and a pure heart. Lift us up to honor You in the way we talk and live our lives. I trust in You and praise You, Jesus. I love You, my Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people of all the world will come to know You. Just like the day of Pentecost, I pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit will reign down upon these people. Give them words to speak and a path to follow. In our own flesh we are weak, but in the Spirit we are strong. Every temptation can have a stronghold upon our lives and lead us into paths of darkness, which is hard to escape. So Lord, lead us out of temptation and build us up with Your armor, that we might start resisting the charms and temptations of the enemy, starting today. Your ways are higher and can lead us out of a life of sin. The guilt and shame that people are experiencing, because of the bondage they are in, can only be broken with Your presence in their lives. It is my prayer that people will find a way out of their broken life and come to You for their fullness of joy. Only then can they be brought to know You and have Your truth in their lives. It is the fire of the Holy Spirit that leads us to what is true and Your Words in the Bible confirm this truth. Thank You Lord for giving us a way out of the darkness of this world and for leading us in Your light. I want more of You and less of me. As I go forth, may what I say and do be less about myself and more about You. I want all the world to know You, Jesus, as their personal Savior. So give me the words to speak to them. Fill me up with the Holy Spirit and allow Your fire to go forth in my life. Break the strong holds that are holding people back from doing the same thing for your cause. Only You can give us ears to hear and eyes to see. I love You Lord. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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