Today’s Prayer (01/27/2023)

God, there isn’t anyone I can trust that will always judge me righteously but You. I know of nobody who has judged with righteous judgment each time like You. When it comes to me and my crimes, You have dealt with it uniquely, knowing I have broken Your laws. Have I been punished? Yes. if I don’t repent and get right with You, Your wrath is upon me and I can feel it. But thank You for Your mercy and grace. One thing amazing about You, Lord, is that You never give up on people, especially me. I was very wicked, but in the middle of my struggles I turned to You in all my confessions and You heard my cries. I was in tears when Your presence swooped in and gave me peace that is beyond understanding. The innocent are never put in prison, only the wicked. There are second chances in this life with You, but not in the next. Thank You for being our judge. I believe in You, Jesus. I trust in You. I love You. Amen.
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