Mine Eyes Fail For Thy Salvation

“Mine eyes fail for thy salvation, and for the word of thy righteousness. Deal with thy servant according unto thy mercy, and teach me thy statutes. I am thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies.” (Psalm 119:123-125)

In the world we live in, who is longing for God’s salvation and/or righteousness? The truth of the matter is that only a few people do this. What they know and are experiencing now is more important to them. It is true that the many of these people have known about the Bible and Jesus throughout their lifetime. However, it doesn’t mean more than their current belief system or wayward lifestyle. Do we have churchgoers on this list? Of course, we do. Most people are only Christian on Sundays and neglect the Bible and prayer during the week. If only these people knew about how short this life really is, then they would come to Jesus and be saved. God has the power to deliver us from every form of sin, including addiction. He can change what they think is true and give them true wisdom from on high. If you are reading this, then come now to the Lord. Begin to pray and invoke a deep desire and anticipation for God’s deliverance in your life. It is a desperate plea from a servant, of whom God recognizes as being sincere. His guidance and mercy is then given to us freely. Being led by God is the best experience in this life.

The role of a servant is to humbly ask God for understanding, in order to know His will for your life. This shows a willingness to submit to His teachings and follow in His ways. It highlights the importance of seeking wisdom from God, in order to navigate through life’s challenges. Therefore, we are to approach God with humility and hunger for His guidance. As we seek Jesus daily, His salvation and righteousness are for us. Let us remember that it is by His mercy that we are cleansed through Jesus’s blood. Our evil deeds are dealt with, not by our own merit but because of God’s loving kindness. Let us continually seek understanding from the Lord on a regular basis. This way we can grow in knowledge of His word and walk in obedience to his statutes, and not willful sin. By embracing the role of a servant, we will walk in accordance to God’s will. In this fashion, we are able to experience the transformational power of His truth in our lives. As we yield ourselves wholly to Him, He grants us discernment, insight, and understanding amidst life’s trials. It is through seeking Jesus earnestly that we find true wisdom. We can then live according to His statutes and not our own. Come to Him today and be saved!

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