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Every prayer that has been written has been offered to God, based on the writings of different Devotional Messages. At the end of each message, a prayer to the Lord has been made. Each of the prayers have a link to it’s related devotional for you to read. I pray that these prayers will bless your life and that they will increase your own desire to pray.

Oh Lord, I pray that your people will desire to be delivered from the hands of the enemy. I know that many of them have been living a sinful lifestyle for a while now, but there is still time for them. May their desires to confess their sins and pray come to life like never before, before it is too late. I that that the temptations of the devil is real and is killing too many lives. The devil almost had me, Lord, if You had not kicked Him to the curb for me. Thank you Jesus. I am now under Your care, because of Your great love for me. Thank you for Your mercy God. So I ask Lord, to lead us all out of temptation. Every hour are we in trouble, if Your presence is not with us. As I do not wish to go to hell, but heaven and be a part of Your kingdom forever, I wish the same for every person. Every lost soul is precious and I wish that they would wake up to know You Lord. I know that many of these people are Your sheep, therefore, I pray that You will use me to find them. It is my desire to lead them out of darkness and into Your light. Use me and other evangelists to reach these lost souls with the gospel. Though they are under chains of darkness, right now in their lives, I know that You have the power to deliver them. May they hear Your voice, as You call them safely home. We are only Your mouth piece and when we speak, Your words are what convict peoples' hearts and not our own. Therefore, we need more of You, Jesus and less of us. You are our good Shepherd and I pray that people will understand this and be drawn to You I love You Lord. In Your Name I trust. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that your Spirit will come down and rest inside of those people that are humble and willing to listen to You. May the pride in their lives be lowered down a level to see Your needs above their own. I know that too many people get caught up in doing things their own way and that distracts them from doing Your will. This I see because I was once like this. I thought I had everything figured out until the day that I found You. Then I realized that I was wrong in every aspect of the word. The path I was on was only leading me to be less happy and more guilty because of the sins I was committing. I was deceived into ignoring Your calling and accepting the temptations of the devil. This would have destroyed me if You had not found me where I was at and had mercy for my soul. I truly needed a Savior and You rushed in and lifted me up. I didn't know the right way to live my life and therefore, You took my hand and have been leading me ever since. I am so grateful for the day that I started reading the Bible daily and praying to You often. Just seeking Your face was the best decision of my life. There is so much joy in my life now, than ever before. Thank You for caring so much for me and not giving up on me. Though I had given up over the years, You always saw the best in me. Oh, how blessed and honored I am to be Your child. I pray that You will always be with me. Abide with me in this life and the next. Shine Your light upon me, that others may see Your goodness and follow You also. I want all the world to know that Jesus saves. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I am so grateful for this evening. It was truly a night to remember. Thank You for leading so many people to me, in order for the gospel message to be preached to them. I loved every minute I had sharing the good news of the cross and how You can cover their sins through Your blood. It was amazing to go out in Your harvest in boldness and share with people what the Bible teaches about sin and hell. I could see the conviction in their eyes and it was great to see so many people wake up to the urgency of getting themselves right with You, before it is too late. What transpired this evening is a miracle in the making and it was all because of You, Jesus. I give You all the glory. If any of these people then gave their lives to you in prayer, I just want to say that I was honored to help them come to You. It was my desire this entire night to simply draw as many souls that I could to You, in order for them to be saved. Even if one of these people's faith was strengthened, I know that the angels in heaven, along with You God were smiling down and shouting for joy. I love Your Words and teaching what You have had to say in the bible is truly enlightening to me. My faith was increased seven fold this night and I would be honored to have many more evenings like this. Surely, Your harvest is white, we just need more people out there, willing to be a part of it. While in it, we don't know the night we will have, but every time is a good day when even one person hears the gospel message. I love You Lord. I love the gospel and desire for many more souls to be saved. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people would learn to love Your counsel and no longer disregard it. There is so much worth in giving an ear to what You have to say and then heed it. I have been lifted up each time that I resist temptation and instead give heed to Your warnings. In these moments have I been protected from the enemy and true peace has entered my life. It doesn't matter the type of things that the flesh desires, if it isn't appealing to You, oh God, then I also hate it. I have learned that following in Your light is far better than living in darkness. It is not worth a life of guilt and shame for temporary satisfaction, when I can have Your joy in my life that never ends. Your happiness is far better than being satisfied in the form of addictions or other wicked things. Therefore, Lord, protect me from every form of temptation. Help me see what is bad for evil and good for what is right. I know that while I seek You out in Your words in the Bible, and pray often, will my mind be focused on the truth of all things. This way I don’t have to wonder if what I am doing is right or wrong, for You have me by the hand and are leading me in the ways of righteousness. In all things Lord, I wish for every barrier to be broken. Tear down every wall. I don't want myself or any person or thing to come between You and Your great love in my life. You mean more to me than all things. Because I am Your child, Your warnings speak volumes to my life. It is an honor to heed these warnings and then do as You have directed me. If I have done anything recently or in the past that I have not repented of, know that I am sorry and need Your forgiveness. Take my life and allow Your good works to shine forth. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people's hearts will no longer be hardened against You. I know that many people know of Your will for their lives, but have instead resisted it because of their sinful lifestyle. They have not chosen to forfeit the things that You hate and give their heart to You. This is very sad to see this, especially when many of these people proclaim to be Christians. I wish that they would live out what they believe in, but instead, it is only words to them and no action at all. Their faith is meaningless since Your light is not in their lives. Lord, I wish that people would know the urgency of following You. Our time is short in this life and if we don’t make time for You, then other things will become our idols. Surely, dancing around our calling in life is only making a mockery of what You would have for our lives. Every person in Your kingdom is called to be Your child for a reason, and what people are doing is not deserving of being Your child at all. Because these people have a lack of humility and do not desire to give up things that are holding them back, shame and regret will continue to plague their lives. This I know Lord, will cause a barrier between them and You, for the rest of their lives, lest they repent of their sins. A turning unto You in their confessions and following You is necessary for salvation. Thank You for teaching me this principal. I pray that every person that desires to go to heaven will understand this and do what is necessary to be saved. I love You Lord. Nothing is better than following You and obeying Your commands for my life. I love Your ways and can never get enough it. Thank You for leading me safely home. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will no longer suffer because of sin and the strongholds of the devil. He may have a hold of them now, but all this can be broken, as You come into their lives and set the lost souls free. As I've learned, it only takes a humble heart to become brand new, even overnight, because of Your mighty power. We may be weak to the things of the flesh, but in Your Spirit we are made strong to deflect the temptations of the evil one. What once had power over us is of the past, as long as we continue to seek You and do Your will. Every chain of addiction is broken, as lives that were once lost due to pornography, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, drinking and drugs, are no more. As You have put in me a clean heart, every person that once was wicked is purified in Your blood. Thank You Jesus for rescuing me and all the other lost souls that have made rest in Your presence. I had no way out of this darkness, but your light came over me and gave me hope. I have a new direction to follow, because of Your Words in the Bible and my prayer time with You, God. My sights have been set upon Your will and nothing else is able to come before it. Thank You for Your counsel, for I truly need it, in order to be on Your righteous path and be set apart from the world. It is not my desire to fit in with the people of this world but to stand apart. I wish to raise Your light, that all may know You, Lord, the one true God of the heavens and the earth. I pray that people of all ages will repent and give their lives to You, starting today. Then, will less people be condemned to hell and more people be blessed to go to heaven. This is my prayer Lord. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people of all the earth will make a choice, starting today, to serve You. Will they finally open their hearts and come unto You, who is mighty to Save, or harden their hearts and be denied their salvation? The choice is there's. I just pray that people will be humble enough to remember what they have heard and have been taught over the years and seek the God of the living. There is true freedom that comes from letting go of our pride and following You. The same can be said for unbelievers and those that say they believe now. Yes, God, I know that many people that say they are Christian only say this in words and not in deeds. Their lifestyle is far from You, which makes them a hypocrite. So come and wake these people up too from their slumber. If they truly desire salvation, then will they take a step forward in faith? You have the power to break them free of all their addictions that hang over their heads. No temptation is stronger than the shield You can put in ever person's life that trusts in You. As You have spoken, Lord, the Savior has come in Christ Jesus. Deliverance is ready for everyone that believes in You for salvation. No longer do we have to wonder when life will get better, for time is now for the greatest joy of all to enter our lives. Your love is ready to spring forth into every person that obeys Your words. And I know, Lord, that doing as You have taught me is the most important thing to do in life. Where else can I find happiness that never ends. I am strengthened daily through Your words and in prayer. I love Your ways. I want more of You and less of me God. I love You more. I trust in You for salvation. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I am so grateful to be Your servant. It brings me great joy to go out in the harvest and preach the good news of the gospel to everyone that will listen. Truly, what You did for us on the cross needs to be told to everyone that has ears to hear, and for me to be Your messenger is a great blessing and honor. I know that I wasn't always so trusting in Your promises for my life, but I am so grateful that I have put aside my fear and just went forward in faith. I may not be the best public speaker, while on my own terms, but with You at the head, Your words just flow through me like butter and I cannot stop from speaking. It is beautiful, my Lord. Time just flies when I just go out in faith and allow You to overflow inside of me. I know that the Holy Spirit wants to do great things in my life and others, it is just up to us to answer Your calling and do as You have said. It is truly amazing to see all the people that have come unto You in faith, Lord, and to see other peoples' faith be strengthened, because of my time on the streets and in their homes with them. My simple desire to follow Your promptings, pray with people and to proclaim the gospel, has done great and mighty things in the hearts of thousands of people. Thank You Lord for using a person, such as I. I simply submitted to Your will and You responded. May my life continue to walk in Your light. I desire to see many more souls be saved in Your Kingdom. I also wish that more people in the faith will respond to their calling and no longer resist it, but respond in Your favor. Then, will many more people reach the lost with the good news of the gospel. I love You Lord. I trust in You God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, my God, I pray that people of all the earth will wake up to their sins before it is too late. These people that are unrepentant of the awful things they have done are in big trouble come judgement day, and I pray that there will be a reckoning of their souls. I know that so many people have forfeited their life into doing what the world says is right, instead of following You and it saddens me. I pray for their souls and that some of them will experience a change in their lives, that they may look to You, Jesus, and find the right path after all. My hope is that more and more people that would be in hell will be saved because of Your blood, which was shed for all people on the cross. Surely, anyone that has ever sinned can be washed clean, if they but come unto You and desire Your presence in their lives. These people can be changed and turned to walk after things that are good instead of evil. Even their desires can become clean, that they may walk in Your light and escape the darkness. The same as You have done for me, I know that You can do for all people that love You and obey Your commandments. Holy is Your Name, Jesus, and our actions speak of our respect and honor unto You. We either love You with our whole heart and soul or walk away from You. This I pray that people will see the lifestyle that they are living and if it is opposed to the life You have for us, then convict them to repent. With Your power, we have the strength to change our lives and be born again. There is joy to be had if people could just look to You in faith. Then will they understand that Your joy never ends. They can be happy and not have to worry about it ever going away. I love You Lord. Thank You for rescuing me from a destination of hell. I am so grateful to know that my life is secure in Your arms. I can't wait to one day be with You for all eternity in heaven. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I love You. You are my God and I worship You. Thank You for coming into my life. I am helpless and unable to resist temptation without You. Without Your protection in my life, I am susceptible to sin and death. Therefore, never leave me Lord. Take every evil thought captive, that I may live a life solely for You and no longer for this world. What You have to offer is far greater than anything that the flesh could offer me. I no longer desire temporary satisfaction in my lusts, but Your eternal joy. It is Your happiness that sustains my life. Therefore, I am built up in Your armor and can fight the good fight against sin with You on my side. Thank You for protecting me God. I no longer wish to fall into willful sin, but stand up against temptation, and You have heard my cries. What has hurt me once and caused me much pain, I do not wish to recant. The shame and bitterness is tiresome and I need a solution to my addictions that lasts. I am sorry Lord for giving into my flesh and walking away from You in these moments. I was weak and I am sorry for not coming to You when I needed You most. Please forgive me. You are my Lord and I give You my life. Have Your way in me Lord and change my life now. May I always do Your will and walk in Your ways continually. I want to be your valiant servant, but need You to do the work inside of me. Please help me Lord, every day of my life. I trust in You Lord. You are the way that leads to life and I will follow You. Nothing else can fulfill my soul, but Your great love. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will continue to trust in You in the good times and hard times. I know that living a life of faith is not always easy, but always worth it. No matter the cost, am I more joyful when I believe in You than not. There is peace and no more sorrow . There is joy and no more shame. I am no longer burdened because of sin, but lifted up in Your righteousness. This is the good life, Lord, and I love every minute of being with You in Your presence. I am especially glad to be an Evangelist in Your harvest. No matter if only one person hears the gospel and I never find out, I am happy to be out there for You. Over these years, You have molded me and shaped me into the person I am today, in order for me to better serve You and reach more people for Your glory. Even my weaknesses have become my strengths, because I've simply obeyed Your words. I may not be good at these same things without You in my life, but with You, I can do all things. With Your strength I am lifted up and can do miracles in Your great Name. But the greatest miracle of all is to open my mouth and to have Your words flow through me. In these moments, not only are people convicted of their sins and drawn to You by the Spirit of God, but my faith is strengthened. I love to be used by You and love every day that I can share my testimony of You and what You did for us on the cross. Thank You Jesus. I am so grateful to be Your servant. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Lord God, I pray that as believers, we will never doubt Your will for our lives again. When You bless us with Your spiritual gifts and want to use us for Your kingdom, may we respond in favor and not question You in any way. One thing I know is that my weaknesses will become strengths, if You desire to use me in that fashion. Though I am not the best speaker, when I open my mouth Your words flow deep into the hearts of everyone listening. This did take time for me to realize in the beginning, but now I know that nothing I am unable to do in my own life can stop me from achieving Your calling for my life. If I but continue to believe in You and simply obey You, everything is possible. My slow speech is made perfect, as You lead me and guide me on Your path. The foolish are confounded by Your words that flow through my mouth. Conviction of sins is made evident and sorrow unto repentance is made a reality. For this reason, I give You all the glory and all the praise. I know that my flesh is weak and could never achieve such things on my own. if You are not doing the work, then I can do nothing good. I am glad to be Your vessel in this darken world. Your light needs to shine, in order for the darkness to escape from every souls that is lost. People are seeking to know You, and to be Your messenger is a great blessing, indeed. These people need to be found and be brought into Your kingdom, so thank You for using me to achieve this goal. Please keep leading me and using me, all the days of my life. I love seeing people come to You and be saved and am willing to do whatever You want for me. I know that Your ways are righteous and I can never get enough of Your presence. Seeing people be blessed with Your love brings me so much joy. I love You Lord. You are my God and I trust in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that we will all be ready to receive Your calling for our lives. Yes, Lord, I know that the day that I gave my life to You, was the day that my life new life began. And doing this, I am ready to go all in and serve You in any way that You would please. May Your presence rest upon me and give me the strength I need to fulfill Your mission in my life. I trust in You, Jesus and need Your guidance and direction through the Holy Spirit. It has been made known to me how lost this world has become and it is saddens me to think of where their destiny will be, if they were to die in their lost state. Therefore, I am willing to devote my time and effort into searching out the lost and finding the one person who is willing to come unto You. Even if I have to speak to thousands of people and only lead a dozen of them to You, I know that Your work has been done. In these things do I give You all the glory. I am not deserving of any praise, but give it all to You, my Lord. Take my willing hands and use them for Your glory. Teach me to walk in Your ways, that Your light may shine forth. I desire that every person that I encounter will know that I serve You, Lord. They need to know that there is salvation in Your Name Jesus. And if any of these people are interested in discussing why, I am happy to witness more of Your abundant truths from the Bible with them. I love You Lord. Your ways are my ways. Simply lead me to where I need to go and I will obey. I am Your witness and am here now to bring souls unto You, Jesus. May all the world know that only You can save them. You have the power to free us from our sins and lead us from death and unto life. I trust in You, Lord and I say these things in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Lord, I know that You are God and is waiting for us all to call upon Your Name. It may have taken me a while to learn this, but I am so happy that I finally understood what this finally means. Now I am made free because of Your blood, which was shed for the sins of the world on the cross. I am no longer looking inward, but have Your awesome presence in my life now. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord. In the past, I thought I knew what was right, but my life was never good and my willful sins detracted from my ability to seek You. Every time I prayed, but continued in that same wicked lifestyle, I felt more trapped and shameful than ever. This is when I finally learned that all I was doing was trying to better myself on my own. I had no way out, for this reason was I failing miserably and did not have Your presence in my life. I also prayed to You God, but it was never sincere until the day I was broken. This was when I needed a Savior to help me, where I cannot. I needed You to take away the lust from my eyes and keep me away from the evils of sexual sin. I was tired of doing things that made me sick to the stomach later on. So I thank You Lord for hearing a sinner, such as me. In my sorrows, was I finally ready to receive You in my life. I am in such a better place now with my marriage and family because of You, Lord. Even my thoughts are more in line with Your, because Your Spirit is with me. Surely, I am lost without You, Lord. I am not sure what I would ever do if you had not answered my prayers. I love You so much God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to look outside themselves and how they can do good towards one another. I know that our love towards You is the first part of our faith and the second being is our love towards our fellow man. If this is not being met, then our relationship with You is more asleep than anything else. So I ask that You spark a need in each of our lives to love one another, as much as we love You. May our desires to worship You and do Your will be noticed in every person that we are around. Help us to never take an opportunity to show kindness for granted and skip out on these moments because of our fears. It is in these times that people need our help, even though it may be hard to see in the beginning. It is Your convictions, my Lord, that has led me to feed the homeless. And because of this, I can no longer pass them by, but stop and care for their needs. As much I want to eat and am hungry, I know that these wonderful people have the same needs that I have. So, in these moments I simply put my trust in You, God, that the money I put forth in these efforts is not mine, but Yours. It is an offering to You, Lord, as my desires are to give You my whole heart, while in this life and the next. Whatever You have for my life, I will do. No matter the circumstances will I help a person in need. Even if it leads me to be in some trouble, I trust that You have the power to get me out of it. If anyone is in harm's way, I trust that being there for their needs is better than leaving them behind. I love You Lord and to love people around me helps me love You more and more. May this love continue to shine forth in everybody I touch, while in this life. I say these things Lord, in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that people will get the help they need, when they find themselves in desperate situations in their pregnancy. In all their stress, encourage them to know that there is still peace to be found. If they but put their trust in You, all things will work out for the good. They may not have the money now to pay for the pregnancy or raise the child, but I know that You will supply their needs. I know that there are many people praying for these women, along with myself, who wish to help them and even adopt their unborn babies, if they would just go to term with them. We just wish, Lord, that they would see the worth of every unborn child, just as You see them. How precious are Your children, for You our creator and formed us in the womb. How could anyone stop Your beautiful babies from going forth into this world and becoming Your light? Children are a blessing and I can just imagine the millions of lives that could be on this earth now, helping Your cause, if they could have just been given a chance at life. So Lord, please pierce the hearts of all people, in regards to this topic. There is a travesty when it comes to abortion and I pray that this will stop in Your holy Name, Jesus. May every Christian stand up for life and for saving the lives of the unborn. I know that this cause is valiant, but we need people to get out of their comfort zones and do what they know is right. It is You, Lord, that I love and happy to fight for. All the way, will I follow You. Lead me wherever You want me to go. I am Your child and I trust in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.
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