Today’s Prayer (06/20/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will turn from their sins and come to You with their whole heart. To not be known as someone who loves what the world offers, but what You give us. The peace You give us is beyond our own understanding. Each time I ponder upon You, my life is better. Things just make sense. Even when there is a death in the family, I know that this happens for each of us, even myself. That we cannot escape death, so why not live for You now. To give us things that are holding us back and get rid of those things for Your sake. The world needs to be delivered from the power of darkness in order to experience Your light. They need an encounter with You in order to be rejuvenated in the Spirit. Therefore, I ask that more people will go out in the harvest and reach these lost souls. To bring them to You, in order for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be saved. I love Your ways, God. May Your will be done as it is in heaven. Amen.
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