The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus

Jesus was born to save us from our sins. He died on the cross that we might be forgiven. He made a way that we might be saved. Because of His great love, our chains are broken. He paid our debts. On the cross, He suffered for our transgressions. He took on all our burdens and felt all our pains. If we might believe in Him, He will restore our lives. Everything He did on the cross will be made true in our lives. Those in Christ can feel His forgiveness and grace. They are so grateful for His mercy. For as sinners He still took us in and had compassion. It is through our Lord Jesus that we can make better choices for He is with us. He protects us from the temptations of the devil. If you haven’t given your lives to Jesus, do it today. Turn from your sins and follow Him. You will find fulfillment in His love. Nothing this world can offer will match what He will do for You. Take His hand and He will give You a new life. A life that springs up unto everlasting life. For it is because Jesus was resurrected on the third day that we can be with Him in paradise. The world’s offerings only bear temporary satisfaction but in Him there is life abundant. He gives us eternal joy. All believers are eternally satisfied to be in the presence of their King.

Jesus foretold of His death and resurrection that we might know of His true gospel. “And he began to teach them, that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.” This is the foundation of our faith and what we remember on Easter. Our hearts are heavy for Jesus bled and died for our sins. In Him, we are made free from bondage. It brings tears to my eyes to think of the cross. I am so grateful that He bore my sins. I know that Jesus rose from the dead. There is new life only found in Him. The cross is the bridge from death to life. Because He rose from the dead, we can all find eternal rest with Him in heaven. Truly Jesus is “the Son of God”. The Spirit witnesses to my life that He is our Redeemer. The love of my Savior shines bright in my heart. Thank You Jesus for all you have done for me. I am so grateful for your mercy. I was lost but You found me and restored my life. You took my emptiness and brought hope to my life. You fill me with Your love. I look to You, my Lord. Thank You for the cross. I am so grateful for Your resurrection. I have hope for the life to come, for You will be there. I love You Lord.

Mark 8:27-31 (KJV)
27 And Jesus went out, and his disciples, into the towns of Caesarea Philippi: and by the way he asked his disciples, saying unto them, Whom do men say that I am?
28 And they answered, John the Baptist; but some say, Elias; and others, One of the prophets.
29 And he saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Peter answereth and saith unto him, Thou art the Christ.
30 And he charged them that they should tell no man of him.
31 And he began to teach them, that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.

Matthew 27:45-60 (KJV)
45 Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.
46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
47 Some of them that stood there, when they heard that, said, This man calleth for Elias.
48 And straightway one of them ran, and took a spunge, and filled it with vinegar, and put it on a reed, and gave him to drink.
49 The rest said, Let be, let us see whether Elias will come to save him.
50 Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.
51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;
52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,
53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.
54 Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.
55 And many women were there beholding afar off, which followed Jesus from Galilee, ministering unto him:
56 Among which was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joses, and the mother of Zebedees children.
57 When the even was come, there came a rich man of Arimathaea, named Joseph, who also himself was Jesus’ disciple:
58 He went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded the body to be delivered.
59 And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth,
60 And laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in the rock: and he rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulchre, and departed.

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