Good Friday

It is finished means that Jesus suffered for our sins and his work is finished. Through His death, the sins of the world have been paid.

The Preaching Of The Cross

As believers, the preaching of the cross is the power of God displayed on earth. Jesus paid the final penalty for our sins.

Celebrating Palm Sunday

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday and remember the day that Jesus was praised by the Jewish people. All hail King Jesus!

The Cross

Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected the third day. This is the gospel we preach. Even forgiveness of sins through Christ crucified.

Jesus Rose From The Dead

Jesus is alive and working in the lives of millions of people today. His fire cannot be tamed, for the Holy Spirit is alive in us.

Isaiah 53 Prophecy Of The Cross

Jesus died for our sins and every person that believes in and puts their trust in Him shall be saved. We give glory and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Shadow Of Things To Come With Christ

If you want to know exactly what Jesus did for us on the cross, know that it is spelled out for us all throughout the Bible, even in the Old and New testaments.

The Gospel Message

The preaching of the cross is what leads a person to repentance and to follow Jesus for salvation. We love God enough, as to never forget the price that Jesus paid for us.

The Message Of The Cross

No person on this earth has ever been saved, but through the blood of Jesus. Only because of what He did for us on the cross, does it make it possible to be redeemed and have our sins forgiven.

The Cross Of Jesus

The salvation of the Lord Jesus came through the cross and His resurrection. We have forgiveness for sins, as we call upon His Name and put our trust in Jesus.

Jesus Has Risen From The Dead

Now let us look into the details of one of these great visitations of Jesus after His resurrection. More specifically we will look into when Jesus appeared to the two men on their way to the “village called Emmaus”.

The Cross And Resurrection

To think of the cross, we must first understand what first took place there. As Paul said, while he declared the gospel, “Christ died for our sins”.

The Road To Emmaus

Three days after Jesus’s death, there were two men walking to the village Emmaus. This is when Jesus appeared to them.

The Cross And The Resurrection

What has brought me closer to Christ than ever before is understanding the true meaning of the cross and also His resurrection.

The Resurrection Of Our Lord

After Jesus’s mother and Mary Magdalene went their way to bring word of the resurrection of Jesus to His disciples, Jesus appeared in their midst.

Palm Sunday

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on a colt, imagine people all around Him giving praise. It was like a parade and Jesus was the main event.

The Resurrection Of Jesus

Through the resurrection of Jesus I’ve been given newness of life. The story of His resurrection speaks to His goodness.