Utah Mission Trip (10/04/20)

I give God the glory for another great day in God’s harvest. As the day began, we set up shop at a location where the homeless were gathered. It was a sketchy place, being that drugs were being sold and used right in front of our faces. Here we began to preach the good news of the gospel to them via a microphone. I preached while Patrick E Roy had more one on one conversations with people. There were people looking in from the train station and others who were very attentive to this message of hope that was sitting there right in front of me. Later we prayed for many people and one guy was in tears because of how deep he was in sin, but prayed with us for forgiveness. Another guy accepted Jesus Christ into his life. We left the homeless a box of Bibles, a case of water bottles, and gospel tracts. Many of them took them and were excited. They were grateful to have us there.

Later on, we went to the train station near the mall and began to preach the gospel. There we met a Mormon who appeared to be high on drugs but still listened to the message of the gospel. It was very interesting trying to get through to him. Then, we met up with two sister missionaries in the LDS church and had a great conversation with them. We questioned them on a lot of key points. Them being, that there is only one God and saying we can become a god goes against His commandment to not have any other gods before him. How today is the day to repent and believe in Jesus and that there are no second chances, of which they think there is with baptisms for the dead. How the law and the prophets ended with John and that now we look to Jesus in faith. There were many other things we discussed and all-in-all it was a wonderful discussion. There was no contention or arguments, but more of a question and answer session. Praise God for that encounter.

It was after leaving them that I began to preach and this young man and his three friends were listening in. It was then that I began to witness to him that God did away with temples, for we are the temple of the living God and that we are told to follow Jesus now and not prophets. I explained that this goes against the Mormon Teachings and how this means that there is no need for their temples, baptisms for the dead, or marriage sealings. He was very convicted by what he learned and said he was going to think about what was shared with him. This and all the other experiences we had were amazing. Many tracts were passed out and more preaching was done on the streets, in order to bring lost souls unto Christ. I give God the glory for all the many things He did in and through this today.

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