Utah Mission Trip (04/02/22)

As we woke up for the first real day of the Mission Trip, Patrick and I drove down to Temple Square in Salt Lake City and began to reach people who were going to conference. We saw many Christians who were passing out tracts, doing one on one witnessing, holding up signs, and preaching. It was great to see them out there this year. As for Patrick and I, we handed out gospel tracts, and the “Mormonism That Don’t Agree With the Bible” handouts. Many people simply passed by us, but there were others that did take them. As people came to the conference center and also left we also preached. It was before lunchtime that we went to the train depot and I began to preach the gospel to people for about 45 minutes. I spoke on the temple and how “that ye are the temple of God” (1 Corinthians 3:16) that He does not dwell in temples made with hands. We are warned against false prophets and false Christs. To search the scripture, in order to know if what you’ve learned in church and or conference is taught in the Bible. To not just believe every wind of doctrine, and many other things. The Holy Spirit was with me as I spoke. People listened intently and the words just came out so easily. Praise God.

It was at the train depot that I met up with a friend named Jonathan. He even gave me verses to share as I preached. Praise God. Soon after we had lunch with him. We went through the false teachings in Mormonism and Patrick prayed with him for salvation. I also prayed and cast any demons in his body. Jonathan, as well as Adam, was with us the rest of the day. The four of us passed out gospel tracts, while the others were talking to people one on one or preaching. This was as conference was starting the sessions and letting out. During that time, Patrick and I tried to talk to a man that was staring at the temple. This guy was a very strange man. He kept saying that it is up to God not him on any question we asked him. It was then that we passed out more handouts and tracts that a man came up to me. This ended up being an hour and a half conversation. He had many doubts about the Mormon church and I helped him understand that there is no need for temples since Jesus is our tabernacle. Same with priesthood, since Jesus is our last high priest. Patrick also joined in and we talked about so many things. This conversation was very fruitful, for he was sincerely searching for the truth. Amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, thank You for another fruitful day in Your harvest. The preaching that Patrick and I both did came from being led by You and not ourselves. You made it effortless and without the need to prepare beforehand. It is amazing how You put the words in our hearts along with verses from the Bible. You also placed the right people at the train depot, in order to hear from You in the exact moment we preached. Thank You, God, for preparing our way. I do pray that people that received the “Mormon Teachings That Don’t Agree With The Bible” handout will also read it and pray about what they found. We helped people understand our bodies are Your temple now, that You are our tabernacle, and high priest. May this sink in, in order for people to know who You are and what You have called us to be. If people would just learn to read the Bible, while searching the scriptures, they would find Your truths on a daily basis through the Holy Spirit. You have warned us of false Christs and false prophets. They are before us in many different cults and religions, especially Mormonism. We had some fruitful conversations with Mormons and I am so grateful, God. Thank You for our time with Adam and Jonathan also. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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