Today’s Prayer (04/01/2022)

Oh Lord, thank You for protecting me and Patrick on our rides to Utah today. His plane arrived in Utah as expected and my car had no issues. Thank You also for the people I spoke with over the phone during my drive up. I talked with several missionaries over the phone and it was only through the Holy Spirit that I was able to speak Your truth in a way that was convicting. Truly, only through the power of God can I do anything good in this world, especially when trying to lead someone to You. My own words mean nothing if I am following my own feelings and doing my own things. Lord, Help me to know how to properly witness to different individuals, for I know that everyone is different and will receive the truth in their own way. As for the people I spoke with today, it went as well as it could get. My time with Patrick, this evening, was also amazing. He is a wonderful friend and brother in Christ. Help me to remember the things we talked about when it comes to reaching the lost. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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