New Mormonism Page Update

I am pleased to announce a new update to the Mormonism Page on “Daily Christian Devotionals”. Now each of the tabs, “Articles”, “Resources”, “Teachings”, and “Trending” have their own unique URLs.

Utah Mission Trip (April 2021)

I give God praise and all the glory for this most wonderful mission trip to Utah. So many people heard the gospel and turned to Jesus.

Donations Needed

Please consider donating to Daily Christian Devotionals and Final Nations. Your offerings will go towards all the different ministry needs.

New Accessibility Options

There is a brand new accessibility option on “Daily Christian Devotionals”.
You can now change the font size, and translate the page and site in any language. This can all be done on any page with a sidebar. So the Bible pages are an option as well, along with all the evangelism resources, biblical truths, devotionals, inspirations, scriptures, and prayers.

New Archives Page

I am pleased to announce a newly created Archives page on Daily Christian Devotionals.

Utah Mission Trip (04/05/19)

The God I know would not add to His words, the Bible. He would also not have another book that contradicts the Bible in so many ways.

Mission Trip: April 2019

This next weekend (April 6th and 7th) I will be in Salt Lake City Utah, for a mission trip and I am praying that other Christians will join me in the harvest.

The Mormon Church Is False

The Mormon Church is false. Every Christian needs to know this, in order to not be deceived themselves and to know how to witness to them

Listen To The Bible

Come and listen to the Bible today. It is so good just to listen to God’s Word when I am at work and driving in my car.

Topics Menu Tab

I am pleased to announce a new Topics Page that now has a Topics Menu and Topics Tiles Tab. On The Topics Menu Tab, there are many different Filters to choose from.

Praise Reports

I have added a section for Praise Reports in the Forum. So if anyone has something to praise God about, please take a minute and post about it in the forum.

Prayer Requests

I am pleased to announce a Forum Section for Prayer Requests on “Daily Christian Devotionals”. Now people can add their own prayer request by simply adding a Topic in the Prayer Requests Section.

Website Reviews

Who will be the next person to submit their Testimonial on “Daily Christian Devotionals”?

Bible Menu Update

Today, I am pleased to announce a big update to the Bible page on “Daily Christian Devotionals”. 

Bible Menu And List Page

The “Daily Christian Devotionals” Bible Page  has been updated. There are now two tabs, one for “Books Menu” and another for “Books List”, where the “Books Menu” is the default tab.

Authors Form

I’ve created an Authors Form on Daily Christian Devotionals. This is for anyone that is interested in becoming an author on the site.

Website Review Form

If anyone has been blessed by the messages from “Daily Christian Devotionals” (, I invite you to publish your Testimonial through the Testimonial Form link below.

Authors Needed

If you enjoy the “Daily Christian Devotionals” site and would also like to write devotionals and such on it, please let me know.

All Resources Page Created

I am pleased to announce a new page called “All Resources”. It is found under the Messages Tab.

New Font Resizer Option

After many requests for adding a “Font Resizer” option to the “Daily Christian Devotionals” site, I decided to take some time away from my day and add the feature.

Advanced Search Feature

Have you ever tried to find verses in the Bible depending on a keyword? I know I have and have never been totally satisfied with my results.

New Mormon Resources Page

I am pleased to release a new page called “Mormon Resources”. On this page, you will find many resources on Mormonism.

Finished My Study On Ecclesiastes

I am blessed to have finished my study on Ecclesiastes. It was a blessing to read from God’s Word and understand how so much in this world is vanity.

Halloween Evangelism

A good way to reach people on Halloween is through gospel tracts. This way you can witness to people as they come to your door, even if it is through the pamphlet and a piece of candy.

New Christian Ministries Page

The Christian Ministries Page has been added in order to help us find good Christian Ministries that can help our walk with Christ.

New Top Christian Songs Page

I am pleased to announce a brand new Top Christian Songs List on “Daily Christian Devotionals”. Currently there are 64 songs and that list is being updated each week.