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Have you ever tried to find verses in the Bible depending on a keyword? I know I have and have never been totally satisfied with my results. I’ve even searched the web and got some of the results I’ve needed but not exactly what I wanted. However, to fix these problems I’ve decided to add an Advanced Search to “Daily Christian Devotionals” ( Now all this can be done in the devotional site without having to go anywhere else. Here is how it works. Just think of a keyword of your choice and then change the Advanced Search to either the Bible, Old Testament, or New Testament. Choosing the Bible, you will get all the verses in the Bible for that keyword. While choosing the Old or New Testament, you will only see the results for that part of the Bible. Pretty cool, eh? Well, as you will notice by the pictures below, there are also a lot of other search options. Since this site includes Biblical Truths, Christian Music, Daily Devotionals, Daily Inspirations, Daily Prayers, and Daily Scriptures, you can specifically search those posts as well. You can also search for posts that were based on the Old or New Testament. Clicking the left side menu, the Advanced Search will appear. Also, along the right side of every post or page, the Advanced Search exists on the side menu. Lastly, this is all possible since the Bible exists on the site as well. Here is a link (Bible) to it. God bless you all as you search God’s Word and are enlightened therein. May the Lord’s blessings be upon you.

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