Today’s Prayer (08/08/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand how sacred the Bible really is. How when it speaks of You in a certain way, then we ought to pay close attention, for You are being lifted up and highly exalted. Surely, Your Name is “LORD”. Yahweh! I give You praise and honor this day and forever. I am lost without You. You have brought into my life fountains of eternal life, because it is You, Jesus, that will take me to heaven. There is light that shines brightly, for You go before me on my path. Darkness has been scrattered and now I can help others draw near unto You also. Give me wisdom, God. Lead me from temptation. Surely, the devil would love to take me down with him in hell. Many of Your very elect have fallen for his lies, but I will not have any part of it. You mean more to me than all the riches, fame, and earthly pleasures. Be near me, Lord, and never let me go. Although my flesh is weak, I am strong to resist the devil and his hellish schemes. In my defense, I say, flee Satan! Your Name is power. Although we live anxiously waiting for Your return, I know that it is soon at hand. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (08/07/2022)

Oh lord, I pray that people will come to enjoy Your Words in the Bible instead of wanting to change how it reads. Truly, what is written is a lamp unto my feet. You have changed me from the inside out just by staying connected to my reading on a day-to-day basis. Thank You for hearing my prayers these many years and for giving me wisdom each time I read. I love Your ways God and especially what You have said in the Bible. I often hear people say that they believe in You and how You are their Lord and Savior, but do they know what You have said? No. When asked about the Bible, many of them have one at home but never read it. This is so sad and leads me to believe that these people are unsaved, but wish they were. And so I wonder if people knew what the Bible says if they would go deeper with You or quit believing altogether. Many people are shy and do not want to give their lives to You with another person present and I pray that this was the case for this man I talked to yesterday. Lord, have Your way in his life. He knew what we were saying was true about You, Jesus, and now it is his opportunity to deny himself and come to the feet of the cross I pray for his salvation and for the salvation of many more people. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (08/06/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will press in to know You. So many people are seeking You in all the wrong places. Some think it is through going to church each week, listening to a prophet speak, trying to be a good person, and more. What people are missing out on is a personal relationship with You, Jesus. This is what saves us, not religion, people, or our own good works. You paid the price for our sins, God, and to press into what You’ve done is what we need. Only then will people be changed and no longer live a life they hope is right, but what they know is. I am so grateful, God, to finally understand what it means to please You. There is no more trying to do good, for the Holy Spirit is my guide. Where You lead me, I go. Thank You for today and for the people we talked to while knocking on doors. The time went by so fast while serving You in the harvest. It was eye-opening to see so many people who are lost and do not even realize it. They think they know and believe in You, but their heart is not for You. It saddens me to hear people say that You are their Lord and Savior and hardly ever do they open up and read Your Words in the Bible. Open their eyes, God. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (08/05/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will begin to work with more people all across the globe. Your kingdom is ripe for the harvest, but only a few are laborers. People can talk the talk at church, but why aren’t people living it out on a daily basis? What I want to see and experience is a revival for Your Words in the Bible and for doing Your will as it is in heaven. There is a drought when it comes to knowing You and Your words. People think they know You by what people have taught them, but those who read the Bible daily can see the truth in its pure form. This does take You casting out of our lives every false belief, that we may know and live by what is true alone. For many people, this is very difficult. Leaving a cult behind could mean divorce, losing friends, family, and even jobs at times. Our whole life could change just by submitting ourselves to You. This is what I desire, Lord. I have given my life to You and am filled with the Holy Spirit. You have been guiding me these many years to reach the lost. Thank You for leading me to Sean, of whom, we now go out door to door in order to reach people for the gospel. Help us bring more people to You, Jesus, as we go out once again tomorrow. May there be much fruit and even salvations at people’s doors. I love You, Jesus. Have Your way in my life. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (08/04/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will learn from their mistakes and get right with You. Not only in our willful sins, I pray that people will turn to follow You, but in their false beliefs also. Help people know when they have believed in something that is not right in Your sight. This way they will no longer believe in this fashion and also teach others the same heresy that they believe in. This happens all the time in the Mormon church. Their missionaries are trained up at an early age to reject all things Christianity in order to teach Mormonism to people. So often are they hard pressed to listen to us, God, and also You. Even when we quote the Bible, many of them laugh and scoff, while saying that we worship it. This is very sad, and I pray that people who feel this way now will turn from these sins before it too late. For these people, they have been warned of the destruction to come. It is now up to them to deny or accept what we have shared with them by the power of the Holy Spirit. I love Your ways, God, and especially the times I have to share Your precious teachings with others. Surely, the gospel message is what causes a person to confess their sins and get right with You. Thank You for the cross. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (08/03/2022)

Oh Lord, I love Your ways and Your words in the Bible. Help people know that tampering with Your words is only doing the will of Satan. We must not cause Your words to be changed in any way possible. Thank You for preserving the Bible for us today. It is a lamp unto my feet. I am able to understand Your ways by studying it out daily in my mind, heart, and soul. I have never been so happy, God. You have lighted up my life and put Your Spirit in me. All I desire now is to live and breathe for You. You are my everything and my all in all. I love Your presence, Jesus. Give me wisdom and lead me from the evils of this wicked world. Help me not fall for different temptations. As I read and study the Bible, help me to apply what has been taught to my everyday life. If I am not living for You in any such way that I should be, bring this to my attention now, so that I do not unknowingly sin in Your sight. How awesome are You, God. Always be with me. Help me to be a light unto the gentiles, that people will see me and then see You, Father, in heaven. My only desire is to live for You and lead people to Your presence also. The best thing I can do is be judged in this life so that I can find freedom before I die. So I say, judge me now, God. Awaken me to righteousness and holiness. Whatever is lacking, fill it. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise! Amen.

Today’s Prayer (08/02/2022)

Oh Lord, please help more Mormons come to know the truth of God. I fear that too many of these people are dying and waking up in hell. This I worry about since I have family members who are in this cult. Thank You for bringing me out of it, although I wonder if any other family members will also fully come out of it for Your sake, Jesus. I am speaking of my brothers, sisters, and my stepmother. You have already taken my mom and my dad. You know their fate at this point, and I pray that my family members who remain alive will have their chance to be saved before their last breath. Give me opportunities to reach them and their children. I am grateful for being able to bring several of my nephews and even my stepmother to church and my baptism. Although these times have been few and far between, it still gives me a glimmer of hope when it comes to them accepting You, while denying themselves and their false beliefs. My only desire is to bring people to You. To do the will of the Father, and not what my flesh desires. Heaven is where I want to be when I pass on from death to life. Take me home when the end of my days come. I pray that I will fulfill Your mission on earth first. But you know best, God. I am grateful to be alive and to serve You now. I love You, Lord. I praise You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (08/01/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in Mormonism will repent and get right with You today. There is still time for them to come out of darkness and be saved. Your light is just around the corner, but false beliefs are keeping them from entering. I feel sorry that they have been lied to since the beginning by their initial prophet Joseph Smith. He didn’t start a religion but a cult that leads people to hell. Lord, how have these people fallen for the lies of their many false prophets? It doesn’t matter that they look religious on the outside, what they believe in and do in their evil temples are despicable and an abomination in Your sight. I can’t stand to even think about what they are doing for dead people. This evil practice needs to be exposed, lest more people die and go to hell. I have seen Mormons leave this cult, but it was like pulling teeth at times for some. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is with me, and they were convicted of their sins. I am only Your servant, God. Use me to bring more people out of a lifestyle that is dark and going nowhere. May those who are blind see. May their hard hearts be softened. You can do all things, God. I believe in You and Your mighty power to heal and change our lives. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/31/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in the Mormon faith will repent of their false beliefs and also give their lives to You. Currently, they are on the path of destruction, but I can see that many of these people can still be saved. All they need to do is hear the truth of the gospel message of the cross and resurrection, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, they would resign from their cult once and for all. I am grateful for the people You have led out of the Mormon church and into a good Bible-believing church because of my efforts in Your kingdom. I didn’t do any of this myself, but as I opened my mouth You filled it with words to speak. I am so grateful, God, for the giftings of the Spirit in my life. I am able to do things I never thought were possible. Lord, wherever You lead me, I will go. I am grateful for my friend Patrick, of whom we do mission trips twice a year in Utah, in order to reach Mormons for Your sake. Thank You for Sean also, of whom I am now knocking on doors, in order to lead people to You, Jesus. You have led me to these two individuals for many reasons I will never understand. Thank You for them and other Christians in my life. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/30/2022)

Oh Lord, open the eyes of every blind Mormon out there. They may think they can see right now, but in reality, they are seeing through a man’s own eyes and not Yours, God. And although they are blind and are unable to see the truth because of their false prophets, You can still do a mighty miracle in their lives. I know that You are stronger than any one person on this earth. People can say that have performed miracles in this cult, but because You are not for it, then I know what spirit this is. Surely, Satan has done miracles like unto You, God. These people are not led through Your power but through the devil’s power. Now, if anybody is reading this prayer that is a Mormon I rebuke the evil spirits in them now. In Your Name, Jesus, give them freedom. Come ye people and to the feet of Jesus. Lord, You are mighty to accept them and to redeem them through Your blood. Cover them through Your blood that was shed for us on the cross. I trust in You, Jesus. You are my God and my righteous king. You deserve the glory and the praise. I love You, Lord. Have Your way in me. I will go forth and do Your will as it is in heaven. Thank You for the time I had talking to a Mormon at her door today. May these seeds sprout. In Your Name, I pray, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/29/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in Mormonism will repent of their false beliefs. They believe things that are contrary to Your sight and this is because of their family traditions. You have shown me, God, that if we are born and raised to know something is true it can take a lot for us to unlearn the lies. This was true for me, also, Lord. As I was raised in the Mormon church I thought I had it all. The one true church, a marriage that was sealed for all eternity, a family who I would be with after this life, and many other blessings from the temple. This felt good for many years until You began to speak the truth to my heart. Little by little, I began to read the Bible like a child, and at this point the things I was raised up to know and believe no longer made any sense. You taught me through the Bible that there is no marriage in heaven. How the wicked will have their portion in the lake of fire come judgment day. You helped me understand that I may not see people in my family again after this life because of their poor choices. How I will not be married to my wife in heaven, but know her and my children if they are also saved. Thank You for opening my eyes to the truth. I am so grateful. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/28/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people of the Mormon faith will one day wake up to their false beliefs and leave it behind before it is too late. Their path is destruction, and it hurts me to the core to know that I have family members that are part of this cult. Many of them are so very hard-hearted when it comes to the truth. You called me to their homes many times to help them know You, Jesus, and each time at least one of them is contentious. Thank You for my other sibling who is more open to a real discussion. I love her for that. I can see an open heart that is not always seen among the LDS people. Therefore, I pray that more and more doors will open up for me to share the true gospel message of the cross and resurrection to my family. Their form of the gospel is terrible and is leading millions of people astray. Help them understand how adding to the Bible makes the same person who does this and accepts it a liar. This is because they then teach their children, people in their church, and others what they have accepted as truth, but is false. Therefore, we have people accepting what is false and now more people are led astray. This is the world we live in, God. Help people come out of it and to You instead. There is wisdom to be found still, but only in Your presence God. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/27/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that many more people in the Mormon cult will wake up to their sins and leave Mormonism for good. Help them know the pitfalls they are in because of their false beliefs. I fear for their lives come death and judgment day, especially since I have family members therein also. It grieves my soul to know how hard-hearted these people have become over the years. Even the youngest of people, the LDS Missionaries, at the age of 18-21, they are so cold to the truth of God. Lord, what their leaders are feeding them in their missionary training center is truly toxic, even though the majority of them will never see this. They are taught that what they are doing is for You, but really they are workers of Satan. I rebuke these false witnesses and call them to repentance. Hell awaits every false witness, teacher, apostle, and prophet, but You can still intervene in their lives. Some of them can still be saved. I am grateful, God, for the LDS Missionaries that You have put on my path. Although the majority of them are not open to the truth, few of them have been. I am grateful to know that there are Mormons, of which I have talked to, have quit their church in order to come to You. This is so amazing and I give You all the glory and praise. I wish I could see more people be saved also. This is my true desire. I love You, Lord. You are my God and my King. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/26/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that there will be more Mormons that will hear the good news of the gospel and receive it with joy. That they will stop seeing Christian evangelicals as evil people, but listen to their messages of hope. How we love them enough to pull them out of the fire. Truly, there is salvation only through You, Jesus. No person can replace You or do Your job, like the prophets in Mormons think they are doing. I rebuke these false teachers and call them to repentance. They need to know that You are speaking to Your people in these last days and not to prophets like in times of old. The veil has been ripped and Your place is now in us and not temples made with hands. Thank You for making us Your holy of holies and for dwelling with us, Your people. Lord. If it is Your will, cause these Mormon temples to fall in their own destruction. As they come tumbling to the ground, cast Your fire upon them also and consume them. Don’t allow these evil doers to continue on forever. I know that You can do all things. I trust in You, God. Nothing is impossible, for my God, who Lord of the heavens and earth. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/25/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will repent of their sins and get right with You. Not only this, but bring things to people’s remembrance when it comes to their sins. If what people are doing is severe in Your eyes, make it known. Our conscience can only do so much, but when You are involved God, anything is possible. I have even seen LDS members come out of their cult because of their false beliefs convictions. You have made this known to me back in 2012 and I am so grateful that I left it behind at this point in my life. I would have never known You if I had stayed behind in my comfortable religious lifestyle. What is sad, Lord, is that I know people who stay in a false religion like this in order to not jeopardize their marriage. They feel it is better to not cause their spouse to want to divorce them because of their new found beliefs. As this can be difficult to come clean about, we must do this if we what You are telling us is true. Sure, some people may laugh and scoff at us if we left an LDS mission in order to follow You, Jesus, and no longer religion. Families have been divided because of people leaving their traditions, while turning to You. I am grateful for this. Praise God. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/24/2022)

Oh Lord, help us make the right choices when the truth is presented to us. Although our current lifestyle may feel more comfortable staying in it, people are missing out on salvation when they disregard Your truths. It should not matter if people in our families stop talking to us because of our new faith in You, Jesus. You have said that some families have to be divided because of Your truth. I also feel it important to lead people out of their false beliefs. Some people think that if they were to leave their church their spouse would leave them, and to be married is better than divorce. They say that You would never want to split up their family. Lord, why is it that people have made up a God to fit their own beliefs instead of getting Your truths from the Bible? Mormonism is one of these cults that have millions of people trapped in it. They cannot see it this way, but in reality, they are following man-made teachings that don’t lead to heaven. Lord, You have led me to speak to hundreds of Mormons over these years. Many of them are LDS missionaries. I do not know all the fruit of these labors, but You do. I pray that many of them have renounced their false beliefs and come to You, Jesus, for salvation. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/23/2022)

Oh Lord, help us live for You and not the world. You are our rock and our firm foundation. Only You can keep us from falling into sin. There is so much willful sin practiced in this wicked world and I am afraid that most people are going to hell and not heaven. How is it that people have forgotten You, God, and have gone after other things that will not save them? This life is short and to waste our time watching TV, going to movies, watching sporting events, and playing video games is telling You that You don’t matter. I often wonder where You exist in their lives if anything. Are these people still calling upon Your Name in their confessions and prayers? Are they opening the Bible and reading it daily? Or have these things ceased in their lives? How is it that many people were once excited to live for You and are now excited to live for other things? It is my prayer that people will repent before their time is done. That they will engage with You in their confessions, prayers, and Bible study. Only then can You conform them into Your likeness, as You have done for me and others. As Christians, we are like Christ-like people. We are made differently than the world. You did this, God. Thank You. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/22/2022)

Oh Lord, hear our cries. We acknowledge our sins before You and know that we are capable of not sinning only when Your presence is with us. Our flesh is weak and there is no one good, But You, God. If we are different, You are leading us. Otherwise, we are no different than any other person in this world. Truly, straight is the gate that leads to heaven, but broad is the way that leads to destruction. So I pray that more people will get off this broad path and come to know You as their Lord, and Savior. If People acknowledged their sins and their need to be saved, then life would be different. You could use them for Your glory. Your kingdom is so vast upon this earth. Even Your harvest is white, but few are Your workers therein. I know that Your kingdom is in us, but only a few have made it become this way. Your temple is also in us, but so many people destroy it with their junk, sexual immorality, drunkenness, and so much more filth. Lord, help us. This wicked lifestyle s being pushed upon our children. Protect us, God. We need You every minute of our lives. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/21/2022)

Oh Lord, thank You for coming into my life. I would be so lost with You. For many years I needed a Savior, but never realized it. I thought I had it all together while doing my own things, of which I thought was right. I followed a set of beliefs that I thought were for You. I lived up to my church’s standards, which I thought were Your standards. The laws and ordinances in this church were so difficult to achieve. And so I began to secretly sin against who I thought was you when in reality it was the church’s man-made laws. Unfortunately, in these dark times, I had no way of overcoming real temptation and so I sinned greatly in Your sight. Sexual sin almost ruined my life and my marriage until I realized something. I needed to first leave all my false beliefs behind and then I could begin to learn and be conformed to You. I was no longer the person in charge but gave way to You, my Lord and King to do whatever you please in my life. This has been a long journey these last ten years, but it has been worth it. You have come and opened my eyes to the evils of this world and now I hate even the appearance of sin. Thank You for forgiving me, God. I love You, Lord. I live for You now. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/20/2022)

Oh Lord, help us to not trust what our hearts tell us. Truly, our hearts are very deceitful and desperately sick. It takes us down paths that appear to be right, but in the end is destruction. So many evil things come out of one’s heart like evil thoughts, murder, adultery, theft, slander, and more. I have seen so many false witnesses, of whom trust in their hearts instead of what You and Your word says in the Bible. Sure, we are to pray about things in this life, but to trust in what our hearts are saying is such a terrible thing. What I have learned from You, God, is that if you want to show us something then You will with specific promptings. This is different than feelings. It is simply hearing Your words and obeying. Why is it that people think they have to feel warm and fuzzy inside before they hear from You? Do they not realize that many people go to movies, concerts, sporting events, commit different immoral sexual acts and each time they feel good inside? This can span for some time until You come and convict us of our sins. Lord, what I am asking is for You to lead and guide Your people. This way false prophets/witnesses won’t lead us astray. Because we are founded on Your words in the Bible, we will not deviate from our beliefs in You. I love You, Lord. Thank You for the Holy Spirit in my life. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/19/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will find You, Jesus, and be saved before their time of death. Every person in this life will die at their own appropriate age. When will I take my last breath? Only You know. All I know, God, is that I will be ready to go from this life and to the next. People won’t have to worry where I have gone, for I have come before Your throne in paradise. I love You, Jesus. Where You are is where I want to be forever. I do hope to see many loved ones in paradise. I just don’t know who is for You in this life and who is really against You. People who are doing Your will, Father, and who are doing their own will or the will of Satan. Therefore, find these lost people and speak to them through visions, dreams, and through people. Lead me and others to speak and pray over them. Open their hearts to receive Your gospel message of the cross and resurrection. I only wish to live this life to serve You and to bring people into Your kingdom. Many people are on this path of destruction, so help me find them. This way they can come off that path of darkness and onto Your path of eternal life in heaven. There is light where You are. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/18/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in all the world will repent, including those who call themselves homosexual. There is so much wickedness upon the land, and I pray that You will reach even the LGBTQ community. Pride is our downfall and it will lead a person on the path of destruction, as you have said. Lead these people from darkness and into Your glorious light. It is my prayer, God, that more and more of these lost individuals will come to You. To come as we are now and You will do the rest. I know that I am incapable of turning from my sins on my own, but only through Your help. Are people struggling with homosexuality? Yes. Is it because of their lust? Yes. However, Your power is stronger than anything else in the flesh. Lord, help these individuals who are struggling and need Your mighty power to be changed. I am speaking of a transformation that only You can do in their lives. Surely, we can be homosexual and later on be changed to be straight and in a healthy relationship. Our vile affections str changed to having normal affections towards the opposite sex. You can do all things, God. I believe in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/17/2022)

Oh Lord, sometimes it is hard to know what to say to people who are lost and have no desire to know the truth. I see this all the time with Mormons who think they already have it all figured out, and so they ignore everything Christians have to say to them. They see us as antagonists, of whom they should not listen or pay attention to. This lie has been propagated since the beginning of the foundation of this cult. I am saddened by the majority of people I have spoken with and the little results I have seen. You have led me to pray over hundreds of Mormons over these years, out of the thousand I have spoken with, and I am thankful for those people. Hundreds of tracts have been passed out, all thanks to You, God. I often think about my encounters with Mormons and how closed they are, including LDS missionaries. Surely, You have called me to reach the Mormons for salvation. It has not been easy, but still worth it when even one person over the years resigns and comes to You as their Lord and Savior. Thank You for these people. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/16/2022)

Oh Lord, I know that Your judgements are very severe when it comes to the wicked. I also know that the judgments set forth for the righteous are nothing but good. The wicked have dug themselves into their own pits while in this life, where the righteous have dedicated their lives to follow You and so they are transformed. You have covered us through Your blood, Jesus, while everyone else will have to pay for their own sins in hell. I do not wish this punishment upon anyone, especially people I love and respect in this life. I have experienced Your love and am so happy that Your wrath is no longer upon me. Thank You for seeing my potential and the person I am now and not the person I once was. You saw the person I would become and thank God, that You have done a mighty work in my life. If I am transformed through the Holy Spirit, then You have done it all. I believe in You, Jesus, for salvation. There is no other way we can be saved but through believing in You alone. There is so much wickedness in this world. Thankfully, we have Your protection in our lives. Lead us from temptation. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/15/2022)

Oh Lord, hear my cries this day. As you know, I am not perfect. I have done many things that I am not happy with. But look upon my heart now and know that I am sincere when it comes to following You. Life’s pleasures that include the lusts of the flesh are enticing, but doing Your will means more to me now than anything else. Forgive me of my sins, God, and lead me from temptation. If the devil and his demonic forces are ever close to me or my family, I ask that they will flee in the name of Jesus. I know that they can keep us in bondage when it comes to chronic pain and sickness. If anything like this happens, make Your presence known in order for true healing to take place in my life. Lord, I trust in Your healing power, for I have seen it on display for other people I’ve prayed for time and time again. You have never stopped caring for people in need. And now I am in need of Your healing. Heal my body and soul. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You, God. You deserve the glory. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/14/2022)

Oh lord, I know that judgment may appear to be far off into the future, but in reality, it is at the doors. You will be my judge the moment I take my last breath and I go before Your throne. It is my prayer that You will keep me spotless in Your sight until Your coming or my last breath. Whatever happens first, help me stay vigilant in the faith and not go down any roads that lead to destruction. I know that many people have started off as Christians and then ended up on dark paths that lead to destruction. They had salvation at their fingertips but then lost it in the end. What is sad is that many of them were to doing good in the faith until false witnesses came along their path and snatched them away. These false witnesses may think they are doing Your will, but their false beliefs and the people they have led into their cult will be upon their heads. I rebuke these individuals who have a form of godliness but inside they walk upon the blood You shed for us. If people could just be led by the Holy Spirit they would not only live for You but also be teaching what is true in this darkened world. Lord, help me to be a light to these lost souls and to lead as many people into Your fold as I can. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/13/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the importance of the cross and what it means for us. How because of our faith in You, we can be redeemed through Your blood. You are the Prince of Peace. All things were made through Your hands. You are our judge, creator, and Redeemer of the world, Jesus. You are so humble to be made lower than the angels while living on earth. You didn’t have to come down or go through with Your sacrifice on the cross, but You did so anyways to fulfill all righteousness. There is no other person who has ever lived that has made a bigger impact in this life, but You Lord. You may have lived a little over thirty years, but to have You, God, with us is extraordinary and out of this world amazing. I wish I could have lived in that timeframe. I know that life would have been harder, but just to be in Your physical presence would have been all I needed in life. You are all I need Jesus. I can’t wait till the day I will be with You in heaven. I will humbly kneel before my God and my King. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/12/2022)

Oh Lord, sustain Your people in these trying times. Sin is being downplayed and made like it doesn’t matter anymore. People do not want to be interrupted and told that what they are doing is wrong. This would cause them to get angry and even hurt us because of our faith. How is it that the world has turned out like this, where street preachers are even put in jail and hardly anything ever happens to rioters. This happens so often and it saddens me to see that You are no longer a part of most people’s lives. Even in the lives of people that say they believe in You, do most of them not do Your will, but their own things instead. And so I ask, God, where have the righteous gone? The wicked have infiltrated even churches and now Your elect are hard to find. You told us this would happen. That broad is the way that leads to destruction, but narrow is the way that leads to life eternal. It is unfortunate that most people choose the broad way. So I pray, God, that people will be awakened to their sins. May they allow You to judge them, that they will get right with You. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

Sinner’s Prayer (07/11/2022)

Oh Lord, hear my cry this day. As I have sinned against You, know that I am sorry. I have strayed from Your sight and ask that You have mercy for my soul. People have been hurt and betrayed, but to have hurt You is the worst part of all. I pray that people’s lives will heal, although I have left my marks and stains upon their lives also. What I have done against You and others I give it all to You at Your table now. Take my sins and anything else that is wrong, so that I may begin to be conformed in Your likeness. All I desire, Lord, is to do Your will and no longer live for myself. My flesh hates the thought of being chastened by You, but in my humility, I love it and am made glad because of it. Many things are broken in my life that only You can heal. Therefore, I declare that I need a Savior. Shine bright upon me, Lord, and cleanse this wretched sinner. Thank You for shedding Your blood for me by way of the cross, Jesus. Save me this day and lead me to life eternal in heaven. This is my one true desire. Have mercy, God. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/10/2022)

Oh Lord, hear our prayers. We know that we are not perfect and need Your presence in our lives to be right in Your sight. It is without You that we slip up and fall into transgression. Temptation is then hard to resist and we fall hard on our faces. Lord, in these times, pick us back up, so that we may not fall back into the same sin again. So many people forget You and therefore, continue to do the same things over and over again and regret it later. For this reason, I ask that these individuals will repent of their sins now and not wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come for tonight may be our last. Lord, have mercy upon me. In our sins, we give it all to You. Heal us, oh Lord. Lead us from temptation, so that we may no longer be slaves to sin. It is in your righteousness that we want to dwell. Shine Your light upon us now, oh Lord, that we may walk in Your sight and be blameless. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/09/2022)

Lord, please help my family and my friends. I know that many of them have either not found Your path yet or have strayed from it. I have tried to be a light unto them, but I am only one person and it is hard to find other Christians speaking so plainly about their faith in this wicked world. Why is it, God, that it is shunned in so many households to even speak about You? How is it that people think that it will cause arguments to form when we bring up the name of “Jesus”. To these people, I pray that they will look deep into their souls and know that they are the ones in error. Because they have not found You yet, they have also caused others to keep their mouth shut when it comes to sharing their faith. But I love these people still. They are dear to my heart and You know exactly who they are. Help me to reach them individually for Your kingdom, although it may be hard to do collectively. Make these occasions possible. I would love to see more of my loved ones on earth go to heaven. It would be heartbreaking to know that many of them did not make it. So God, give these people an urgency to get right with You while they still have breath. I am grateful for Your peace and joy. I can go to sleep and know that You are with me. I love You, Jesus. Amen.