Today’s Prayer (12/31/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that the millions of people around the world that have a Book of Mormon in their household will destroy it. To make a huge bond fire and burn it. Thank You for teaching me that all things evil must be removed from our lives, including this book. It is such a wonderful feeling, just knowing that the things in our old life are now gone. I am speaking of things that take us away from You, make us believe in false doctrines, and so much more. Lord, You have shown me how evil the Mormon church is in general, and I am willing to expose it for what it really is. It saddens my soul just to know that millions of Mormons are already in hell because of one person named Joseph Smith. People have made him their idol and believed in his false teachings instead of trusting in Your written Words, the Bible. God, these people’s hearts are so hard-hearted. If only they knew the destruction that is ahead of them, things would be different. Wake them up from their slumber. I pray that many of them will resign from their cult and come to You for salvation. I believe in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/30/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that Mormons will wake up to the false teachings in their Book of Mormon. These people are so lost and don’t even realize it. I want to reach them for Your cause, Jesus, but I am afraid that most of everything I do will fall upon deaf ears. These people’s hearts, minds, and ears are closed off to anything Christians teach, but what is found in their cult. It is sad, God, that they reject even messages that come from the Bible. Speaking of their man-made Book of Mormon, it teaches many false doctrines. One being, that Your church was set apart in the times of the laws of Moses or the old covenant. The same goes with Christians being a part of it then. Lord, How is it that people in Mormonism cannot see the issues in this? I know for a fact that Your church began during the day of Pentecost. You poured out the Holy Spirit upon the earth and many people were saved that day, and added to Your church. Lord, Your teachings are clear. Thank You for opening my eyes to see the truth. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/29/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that Mormons will see the errors in their Book of Mormon and start doubting it. Truly, Satan is the one that started the writing of this false book those two hundred years ago. Joseph Smith fell victim to an angel of light and now many people are going down with the ship with this false prophet. Lord, help these people. I know that many people have already died and gone to hell, but this doesn’t have to happen to people who are alive. God, lead these people to Christians would be able to help them know You, and then leave cult for You also. Yes, God, I love the Mormons, but the majority of their beliefs are of the devil. Thank You for helping me see this, although I was raised as a Mormon myself. All I know is that I was lost and then You came into my life and saved me. I would still be a Mormon today if You did not open my eyes when it comes to what the Bible says. It is so clear now that Mormonism teaches another gospel that does not save. Help many of them know this also. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/28/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help me. Just like all Christians, we fight against temptations. Satan knows our weaknesses and prays on them at different times of the day. I know this very well, for I am weak at times, and if it wasn’t for Your mighty power in my life I would be falling flat on my face more times than not. But you know me better than most, God. I am not perfect. I have done many things that I am not happy about. Things that have caused me to be very sorrowful. I have not only hurt You but my family. Thankfully, You heard my cries. In my confessions, I felt your loving kindness and compassion. Nothing could change me from within, but You were able to. Thankfully, I have a wife that is also so forgiving. Lord, coming to You in complete serenity hasn’t come with bumps and bruises. In saying this, I will keep running back to You if I fall. You have helped me get back up on my feet again many times. Thank You, Jesus, for saving me. I love You, Lord. Have Your way in my life. I submit myself to You today and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/27/2022)

Oh Lord, I sing to You a new song. A song of praise and thanksgiving. Where You are there is peace, peace, for the soul. There is endless love in Your heavenly abode. Worthy is Your Name, Jesus. You were slain for the sins of the world and have forgiven me. I am redeemed through Your blood. You are worthy of my praise. All glory, honor, and praise be unto You, Jesus, forevermore. The glory was given to You by the Father and we also glorify You now. You are exalted on high and lifted up. Worthy is Your Name. The King of kings and Lord of Lords. There is no one like You, God. High and lifted up, we exalt You above all else. There is nothing in this world that I would rather speak about and praise, which is You, LORD! Have Your way in my life. Lead me from temptation, God. Help me to walk in Your holiness. Hear my prayers, dear Father. My life is to live for You. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You, God. I give You praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/26/2022)

Oh Lord, You are too good to us. We don’t deserve Your love and kindness. Our lives are full of gladness because You are with us. If there is one person I can trust that I can trust, it is You, God. Thank You for never giving up on me. You are our judge and judge righteously at that. I am so glad that You are the one that makes the decisions when it comes to our eternity. All I know is I am safe with You by my side. There is light and light abundant. Every bit of darkness is scattered. You don’t have to lead me in righteousness, but You do so nonetheless because of Your love. You are the good shepherd leading Your sheep with much care and concern. I am so grateful for Your presence in my life. I give You praise, honor, and my uttermost respect. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/25/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will come to You on bended knees. Salvation only comes through You, King Jesus. Thank You for coming down to earth in order to save us from our sins. I am indebted forever to You because of Your sacrifice on the cross. Thank You for hearing my prayers and for giving me mercy when I didn’t deserve it. All I knew is that You died for our sins and that Your mercy endures forever. So I confessed all my sins to You, Lord. My soul longed for Your forgiveness and sorrow had a hold of me. God, in these moments of grief and sadness for my sins, You took me out of the darkness and brought me into Your light. I was incapable of changing my life, but because You came to save me, I have the power to resist. Lord, I owe everything to You. Jesus, thank You for coming down to earth. Although I wish I was around then, I know that I will one day see You in heaven. I adore You. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/24/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will remember Your glorious birth, come Christmas. It is awful to see the majority of people into Santa Clause and getting their children gifts instead of remembering You. Many people say they are teaching their children about You, Jesus, by reading from Luke, chapter 2, to their children on Christmas Eve. However, the fact that Santa is still involved with their Christmas celebration tells me that their hearts are not fully in it for You. God, these same people who put on Santa Clause music, watch these types of shows and movies, have his figurines on trees, and more, are only halfway in it for You. This was my life until I began teaching my children how evil Santa Clause is. You put these thoughts in my heart and helped me realize that the world is trying to substitute You for Santa. I pray that this stops once and for all in true Christian’s lives. Help them remember You, instead, Jesus. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/23/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for this lost generation. Surely, people have given into the propaganda that the new media is feeding people and especially children. This is a very sad time of year for sure, Lord. Instead of people giving their attention to You like other parts of the year, people’s hearts are turned to Santa Clause and presents. Even though Christians have tried to help people remember You and Your birth, parents of children are making things even worse. Lord, I have tried to warn them that bringing Santa into their houses is only bringing courses into their family, but they laugh and scoff at me instead. People don’t realize that these wicked traditions of Santa being a part of Christmas will then be passed down from generation to generation. Thankfully, You have come and broke these curses and wicked traditions from my life and my family’s. My parents may not have raised me well when it comes to believing in Santa, but a new life starts now with my family. We are devoted to You, Jesus, and not what the world says is good. I love You, Lord. You are everything to me. Have your way in my life. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/22/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that parents will begin to teach the truth to their children. Not just the majority of the year, but every portion of it. Many people say they are Christians but also bring Santa Clause into their homes during the Christmas season. They don’t realize that this is bringing curses into their lives and their children’s. These bad teachings of Santa Clause are then taught to their children’s children, and so on and so forth until something changes. One thing I know, God, is that pastors are not saying anything specific on this topic at churches. Therefore, people dress up as Santa Clause and are even guests at church, in order to let kids sit on his lap. And so we have children giving their petitions to a man that isn’t even real instead of teaching them to pray to You. God, how do I reach this fallen generation, where substitutes are being made for You, Jesus, like Santa Clause? I am saddened by what I am seeing. Truly, a warning of the evils that come from Santa needs to be made known. People need to realize that Satan is the same person in red that they are having their children seek. Then, will they repent and begin teaching their children about You instead. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/21/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people’s hearts will be turned to You and away from Santa/Satan. The devil has blinded the hearts and minds of millions of people, in so much that they are raising their children to believe in Santa. If they just knew that this is the enemy’s desire and not Yours. He is so crafty with what he does to trick people. He has even helped people to imagine and believe in a person that is similar to You and Your nature, Jesus, but a false god nonetheless. Truly, the god of this world, who is Satan, is that god. I pray that every person who is reading this prayer will find things in their possession that have to do with Santa, reindeer, his sleigh, his workshop at the north pole, and destroy them. Yes, God, I pray that people will take these ornaments, figurines, paintings, and more, and remove them once and for all from their lives. That the plagues and curses from Satan will leave them and their homes. Lord, set them free from the lies of Satan. I believe in You, God. I trust in You, Jesus. Have Your way in my life. Cleanse me of all my iniquities. I will live for You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/20/2022)

Oh Lord, I am grateful to have Your presence in my life. Thank You for leading me these many years. I am so grateful to know You more each day that I open up Your words and start reading. Even now is a very special time of the year when I can focus my attention on Your glorious birth, Jesus. You came into the world as a baby, but also God with us. It is an honor to even pray to You, Lord, for I know that Your people were once only Israel, but now we are adopted in as sons and daughters. Thank You for allowing the gentiles to be a part of Your fold, and to enjoy the same blessings as Israel. You are a Jew, Jesus, and I also love the Jewish people. Their faith in You is amazing. If only they knew that You came down to earth those two thousand years ago. It is sad that the Jewish people make an effort to not believe You, or Your sacrifice on the cross when You were on earth. Lord, I know that one day You will show Yourself to them, and then they will bow to You. You are holy. I give You praise. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/19/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will keep You in their remembrance. I am talking about people in all the world that are in the faith. May we learn to listen to You. You are not as distant that people make You out to be. Even now, Your Spirit is so close and I am at peace. Thankfully, this life is short, so that I can be with You in person in heaven. I love many things this life offers, but when Your presence is in my life, I am fulfilled. Even now I am meditating upon Your Words in Luke, chapter 1, in the Bible, and I am so happy. Thank You for opening my mind to the events that took place before Your birth, Jesus. Mary is blessed among women. She was so obedient as to obey the words of the angel Gabriel and not doubt. If we could all have such faith Your light would be shining brightly in this darkened world. Lord, light up my life. I know that there are bits of darkness that can still be expelled from it. Lead me from temptation. Have mercy upon me. God, come and take me where I am today and make me who You know I should be. Do unto me according to Your word. Lead me, guide me, walk beside me. Abide with me, Lord. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/18/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will remember You during this Christmas season. Not to be wrapped in Santa Clause or gifts, but to think upon Your glorious birth, Jesus. You are the reason for the season. The world has tried to make a substitute for acknowledging Your birth through Santa Clause, but this will not work with Your Saints. Satan cannot take our attention off of You, Lord. But that will never happen to me. I will continue to lead my family to know You. Not just to think upon You during this time of year, but every day of our lives. As You received gifts at Your birth, Jesus, I offer You my heart, mind, and strength to serve You. Lead me through the power of the Holy Spirit. I only wish to know You more and to do Your will as it is in heaven. God, I am so grateful that You came to earth those two thousand years ago as a baby to a virgin. Surely, nothing is impossible in Your sight. I love You, God. You are my Lord and my Savior. Be with me always until Your return. Come quickly, Jesus. Your Saints are anxiously waiting. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/17/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people around the world will remember You, Jesus. The time we are living in is so dark and dreary. People think that what they have is helping them, but most of it is destroying their lives. The TV shows that people watch are hypnotizing them into thinking that what is evil is good and good is evil. The same thing happens in movies and video games. Lord, where are people that say they believe in You? Is their worship real or is their belief only in words? When I walk into stores I can hear children telling their parents what they want from Santa Clause. This time of year is supposed to be about Your birth, Jesus, but instead, people put their time and efforts into brainwashing their children into believing in Santa. To be nice for him, not You, Jesus. I have often wondered if people knew what the words Santa could also mean. I am seeing Satan all over it. Yes, God, I have come to worship You, but the world has come to worship Satan. This is a travesty and I pray that people will wake up to their sins before it is too late. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/16/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people would come to know You. Yes, Jesus, the majority of people are making the worst decisions of their lives. Because they have rejected You as their Lord and Savior, the moment they die they are now suffering in hell. I don’t want this to happen to anybody, especially to people I know and love. Therefore, I will keep being Your light in the darkness. I will proclaim that You came into this world, Emmanuel, God with us. You were so humble, being born in a manger. Truly, Your mission was to come down to earth, in order to be raised up on the cross for the payment of sins. Thank You Jesus for Your death and atonement. I am forgiven because of the blood that You spilled for us on the cross. Thank You, Jesus. Because You rose from the grave I will also rise to be with You in paradise when I die. Thank You for saving me. If only everyone knew the importance of Your birth, death, and resurrection, many more people would be saved. I believe in You, Jesus. I trust in You. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/15/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for the souls of people in this world. Many of these people have heard of You, Jesus, but still, You are rejected. This is very sad. I am very happy to have come to know You, Jesus. You have come into my life and set me free. I was lost until You found me. God, I love this time of year. It gives me this whole month to reflect on Your birth. Yes, Jesus, I am in awe that You came down from heaven and became flesh. Only You could pull this off. You chose the most perfect parents to help raise You, with Mary, Joseph, and Your Father in heaven. As a baby and to a man who committed no sin. You were so gracious and kind to people. You healed every person that came to You and did miracles that are beyond our understanding. You are so mysterious, powerful, and Your mighty works have no end. Thank You for finishing Your ministry on earth with us in mind. You willfully died for our sins, while being raised up on a cross. Thank You for Your mercy, Jesus. I love You, Lord. I give You praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/14/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people would become content with what the Bible teaches and not feel like they have to add to it. Through the simplicity of the things You’ve taught us in scripture, we can have a life that is filled with joy that is beyond earthly pleasure. I am amazed at how Your words speak to my heart each time I read them. It is like they jump off the page, and help explain how to deal with life’s challenges. People say that the Bible is old and that we need something new to engage with You. What I have found, God, is that You do still speak to us. For this reason, many Christians have been writing for the last two thousand years in their own books. Praise God for these writings. I love how they point us to You also and the best part is that they help us understand the Bible better. Lord, You have done a work through me also. I have written thousands of messages over these last many years, but I do not deserve the glory or praise. You do. My only goal has been to help people understand the Bible better and to draw them nearer to You, Jesus. Thank You for using me. You are my everything. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/13/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be ready when it comes to the resurrection of the dead. Not to focus on dead people but the salvation of their own souls. The Mormon people are so caught up in their works for dead people that they have forgotten the need to get right with You. Instead, they have become very religious. Their teachings appear to be for You on paper, but testing these same teachings with the Bible, it is easy to see how false they really are. Lord, I love the teaching of the resurrection of the dead in 1 Corinthians 15. It makes me want to prepare myself for Your coming, Jesus, and for my own death. I want to be ready to meet You, God. I know that one day, I will come before You in judgment. This will either be a good day or bad day for people, but for me, it will be a glorious day. I cannot wait to come before You and receive my new body. A body that will never die, get sick, or feel pain. Thank You, Jesus, for watching over Your people and for preparing the best things for those who truly love You. I will live for You this day and forever. I love You, Jesus. I can’t wait to be with You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/12/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that Your peace will come and reside not only in my life but in people’s lives that are struggling the most. I am talking about people who have recently lost a loved one. Death comes to everyone, but when it comes to someone close to us, bearing those burdens feels almost impossible. Therefore, I pray for every person who has just learned that someone they know has passed on to the grave. Help them, Lord. May they come to an understanding that young children who die are saved automatically. How they are not accountable for their actions until they can fully understand right from wrong. Your love is able to remain with them from this life to the next. God, I have many family members who are now older and know exactly what they are doing with their lives. Many of these people are making some awful decisions, and if they were to die, I would be afraid of what they would see and encounter. Truly, paradise is the only place I wish to go after death. Because I know You will be there, Jesus, lead me there also. I am Yours and You are mine. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/11/2022)

Oh Lord, You are my greatest delight. I have everything I need in this life and the next because You are with me. You are my King and I honor You. Because of the air I breathe, I give You Praise, God. I am alive because of You. This life may be difficult, but with You by my side, I can achieve anything that You throw at me. The same goes with anything the world throws at me, I can defeat. You are my strong tower and I have nothing to fear with You at my head. The only thing I fear is the fear of God, for I love You enough to live for You and defy the God of the heavens. I know that there are consequences to our actions and I am grateful that You have not given up on me when I have by my evil actions. Lord, You have seen me at all times in my life and I know that I have done some terrible things. So thank You for hearing my confessions and having mercy for my soul. You are gracious and loving. I praise You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/10/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for this lost generation. They are so deep in their lust that sexual immorality is now ramped in their lives. I have seen fornication, adultery, and pornography destroy people’s lives and the lives around them. Being on social media and only desiring to witness to people about Jesus, I am confronted with many sexually perverse posts that make my stomach churn. God, even confronting many of them, they aren’t sorry and think it to be a joke. Thankfully, there are other people that can see the issues in what they have done and apologize. None of us are perfect, but it doesn’t mean we can just do what we want in this life and not see that Your wrath won’t be upon us. I have experienced this firsthand many times in my life. Your love is with me often, but it is my fault that I’ve given over to my lust and done things that I shouldn’t have. Lord, thank You for hearing my prayers. My confessions were made and You have taken me out of darkness and into Your light. I was lost and You found me. My joy had not been discovered until You came into my life. I love You, Jesus. Thank You for saving me. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/09/2022)

Oh Lord, help Christians be grounded in their faith in the Bible. It is so easy to give in to other people and how they think about things that appear to be religious in nature. For example, I have heard the discussions that Mormons give to people many times. They appear to be very convincing on paper and from the mouths of these LDS Missionaries, but at the same time are also false. God, You have given me the insight to know what is true and what is false. I asked You for wisdom and it was given to me little by little over time. You have opened my eyes so that I can spot false teachings a mile away. Not to be rude or condescending to people who are simply doing what they feel is right, but helping them know You, Jesus. Your true teachings of the Bible is what they are missing. Help me reach these people with love and respect. Although I have learned to hate even the appearance of evil, which involves false teachings, I love the people. This love has come from You, Jesus. I would never want to be kind or gracious to one another if You were not with me. May I always walk in Your footsteps. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/08/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for people in this lost world. It is so easy to get caught up with life and the pleasures therein. Sin may appear good when we are first involved in it, but thankfully, You have given us a conscience, God. This way, I am able to come to a realization afterward that I was wrong and that what I fell for was sinful. I know that everyone in this life has the same conscience. Only a few, however, allow this conscience to be for their benefit. Truly, You want to help us, while speaking to our hearts and minds. If I didn’t continue to listen to these promptings, I would be like the majority of this world who justify their sins on a regular basis. And so we have evil appearing as good and good appearing as evil. This added comforter of the Holy Spirit is what I needed next and didn’t realize it. Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit into my life and leading me in the faith. You have saved my soul. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/07/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for these lost people in Mormonism. Surely, the majority of the missionaries in this cult come from families where people are born into it. And so often they don’t know any better. What is sad, God, is that I have tried to reach many of them with the truth of what the Bible says and still they reject it each time. Because they are brought up to believe that only their church is true, they reject Your true witnesses as being false. Lord, You have called us to go out in all the world to share the gospel with the lost, and I am grateful to do this. What I need, however, is a renewed approach to reaching Mormons with Your truth. Help them unlearn the lies that they have been taught. They are under the deceptions of the devil big time, although only few of them will ever see this. Thankfully, I was one of the few, along with many friends who have also left it for Your sake. Yes, Jesus, we come to You and You alone for salvation. We know that a religious system with other books outside the Bible will only lead us away from You. Teach us, Lord. Help us know and understand the pure and untarnished gospel truths of the Bible. I love You, Jesus. I will not add to what I know about You in scripture. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/06/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will protect Your flock. I love fellowship with true believers at church, Bible studies, in small groups, at coffee shops, and more. It is a joy to talk to them about my faith in You, Jesus. Thank You for these people in my life. Put a hedge of protection upon them, my life, and my family’s also. There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing in this world. Therefore, I cling to You for strength. I may not know everything, but Your wisdom and knowledge is what gives me peace. I can overcome every swing that comes from the enemy. Every punch to the face, will I be able to defend, that my pure faith in You will remain. Lord, shield us from false witnesses that come bearing a message that appears hopeful but has nothing resembling Your true teachings in the Bible. Lord, these people come bringing damnable heresies and don’t even realize it. Help them know how wrong they are. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/05/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will escape the flames of hell fire come death. Surely, people that die in their willful sins, unbelief, and false beliefs, are those who are terrified when they awake from death. God, I feel terrible for these lost souls that think they have nothing to fear come death. I have spoken to many people that think that they will be just fine when they die, even though they are unsaved. Lord, open their eyes so that they may see the destruction that goes before them. Many people live presumptuous lives, but in reality, they are lost and are never filled. Only You, Jesus, give us living water that springs up unto everlasting life. You are the One who gives us manna from heaven, of whom our souls are filled. You are the bread of life, from whom I receive true wisdom that I need to be happy. I don’t need the best things in life, but what You can offer me, Lord. I love Your laws and Words in scripture, enough to obey You. Speak to me, God, I am listening. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/04/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will learn to walk in Your ways. Not the ways of this wicked world, but do as You say. Hell is filling up because of people who don’t want to live for You but the world. They are no different than anyone else who willfully sins in Your awesome sight. Help us to not keep secrets, but to be open about our actions, lest we fall too far away, in which it is difficult to turn back to You, Lord for salvation. I have talked to way to many people that once were in the faith and have since denied it. I am not saying that none of them will ever return, but in their current state of being angry with You, it is hard to witness to them. God, I don’t want to grieve the Holy Spirit because of my wicked actions. Therefore, deliver me from temptation and my enemies. Satan is picking people off all around me. Help me to fight against Him, lest I become his prey also. Deliver Your people as a whole. Your elect are anxiously awaiting Your return. Come quickly, Jesus. To endure this faith for Your sake is an honor. My Lord, and my King, I respect Your laws and will obey them. I love You, Jesus. Wash me thoroughly in Your blood. Give me clean hands and a pure heart. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/03/2022)

Oh Lord, I praise thee. There is no one like You, God. I am truly lost without You. Have Your way in me. Lead me into green pastures. Help me to walk in Your light, that I might not fall into sin and despair. Because You are with me, I have hope for tomorrow. No longer do I fear what comes my way, for I know that Your peace will pull me through anything. Days come and go, but waiting on You still in the night and in the mornings will never cease. Have mercy upon me, God. Satan has led me down paths of darkness, but thankfully, You have never quit believing in me. I have walked where I know I should never go and I am sorry. Receive me into Your right standing again. Lord, give me clean hands and a pure heart. Help me shine Your light for all to see. You did come, Jesus, to save us from our sins. It is now up to us to proclaim You in all the world. We are now two thousand years in since You were on earth, and we anxiously await Your return. And so I say, come quickly Lord Jesus. Even so, come. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/02/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that Your peace will resonate in our lives. This life is not always easy, but it is much easier to bear when You are with us. How fast does this life go by? At one point there are no worries in this world and healthy. Sickness has not caught up to us yet, but as I have aged, and so has my generation and older, we know that death could be at the door. We are not young anymore. Our life is slowly coming to an end. Therefore to serve You, Lord, all the remaining days of my life is all I desire. To go out serving You with my whole heart is what I truly desire. May Your praises be coming from my lips when that day comes. Lord. I don’t need riches in this life. I don’t need worldly pleasure to give me fulfillment, for I have found it with You. You are my rock and my firm foundation. I will not grow weary of doing Your good works, for that is where my joy comes from. Hear my prayers, God. Help me to live for You, this day and forever. Lead me from temptation. I trust in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (12/01/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that Mormons will understand the need to call upon Your Name in order to be saved. Yes, Jesus, they are missing out on their salvation, because they deny any need to call upon You, but the Father only. They say that praying is only for the Father and wouldn’t dare pray to You, Jesus, for they think that it would not be received and would be blasphemy. This is a ridiculous statement that Satan has instilled in their minds. They have read the Lord’s prayer and have misinterpreted it to think that we could never pray to You, but the Father alone. I am afraid that these types of teachings creep into cults like this when the Holy Spirit is missing. Jesus, I would feel terrible if didn’t seek Your face on a daily basis. I love to call upon Your Name, for I know that You are there, like the Father also. Thank You for going before the Father and pleading my case, that I may enter Your kingdom and be saved. I love You, Lord. My only desire in this life is to serve You and to help bring more souls to You for salvation. I know this isn’t easy and comes with much persecution, but I trust that You will lead me to the elect. People who are ready to receive You. Be with me always. I give You praise and my worship. Amen.