Santa Is A Replacement For Jesus

Santa is a substitute for Jesus on Christmas. True Christians can see this, and therefore, don’t let Santa influence their children’s lives. There is a big problem with children making their petitions to Santa and not God. These kids believe that if they are good enough, then Santa will give them presents. And so they are so excited each year for their presents on Christmas morning. The birth of Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas, although this is often left out of this holiday. It doesn’t help that most Christmas songs don’t include Jesus’s birth, but worldly things like Santa Clause, presents, reindeer, and more. If there is anything the world wants to do, it is to away people’s attention from Jesus. It has been happening this way for thousands of years. What people don’t realize is Santa is the replacement for Jesus during Christmas. That is why you see Santa in stores, the mall, and even at churches. This is Satan, my friends. No wonder why babies often cry when they sit on his lap. Therefore, every believer in Jesus needs to stay far away from the influences of this world, especially when it comes to Santa. Let’s bring Jesus into people’s lives not a substitute for the Lord.

If there is anything in your house that resembles Santa, destroy it. Do this for the sake of Jesus. Make Christmas about the birth of Jesus and keep everything else out. We don’t want anyone to believe in things that are fake. This would be lying. If anyone knows that believing in Santa is wrong but continues to do so is putting God aside. Satan’s bidding is now done and not God’s will. These lies are passed on from generation to generation, and the blood of their children is upon their heads. If you are teaching your children to believe in Santa, then you are not a born-again Christian. Repent and let God come into your lives today. Then, will you begin to teach the Biblical story of Jesus and his birth. Stories from Matthew and Luke would be read during this season, Christmas eve, and Christmas day. In Matthew 1, it reads, “now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost.” (Matthew 1:18) Jesus is God and became flesh. Teach your children about Him, that their children will also teach their children for generations to come, instead of Santa Clause. Amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I pray that parents will begin to teach the truth to their children. Not just the majority of the year, but every portion of it. Many people say they are Christians but also bring Santa Clause into their homes during the Christmas season. They don’t realize that this is bringing curses into their lives and their children’s. These bad teachings of Santa Clause are then taught to their children’s children, and so on and so forth until something changes. One thing I know, God, is that pastors are not saying anything specific on this topic at churches. Therefore, people dress up as Santa Clause and are even guests at church, in order to let kids sit on his lap. And so we have children giving their petitions to a man that isn’t even real instead of teaching them to pray to You. God, how do I reach this fallen generation, where substitutes are being made for You, Jesus, like Santa Clause? I am saddened by what I am seeing. Truly, a warning of the evils that come from Santa needs to be made known. People need to realize that Satan is the same person in red that they are having their children seek. Then, will they repent and begin teaching their children about You instead. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

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