Today’s Prayer (12/11/2022)

Oh Lord, You are my greatest delight. I have everything I need in this life and the next because You are with me. You are my King and I honor You. Because of the air I breathe, I give You Praise, God. I am alive because of You. This life may be difficult, but with You by my side, I can achieve anything that You throw at me. The same goes with anything the world throws at me, I can defeat. You are my strong tower and I have nothing to fear with You at my head. The only thing I fear is the fear of God, for I love You enough to live for You and defy the God of the heavens. I know that there are consequences to our actions and I am grateful that You have not given up on me when I have by my evil actions. Lord, You have seen me at all times in my life and I know that I have done some terrible things. So thank You for hearing my confessions and having mercy for my soul. You are gracious and loving. I praise You, Jesus. Amen.
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