Today’s Prayer (12/13/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be ready when it comes to the resurrection of the dead. Not to focus on dead people but the salvation of their own souls. The Mormon people are so caught up in their works for dead people that they have forgotten the need to get right with You. Instead, they have become very religious. Their teachings appear to be for You on paper, but testing these same teachings with the Bible, it is easy to see how false they really are. Lord, I love the teaching of the resurrection of the dead in 1 Corinthians 15. It makes me want to prepare myself for Your coming, Jesus, and for my own death. I want to be ready to meet You, God. I know that one day, I will come before You in judgment. This will either be a good day or bad day for people, but for me, it will be a glorious day. I cannot wait to come before You and receive my new body. A body that will never die, get sick, or feel pain. Thank You, Jesus, for watching over Your people and for preparing the best things for those who truly love You. I will live for You this day and forever. I love You, Jesus. I can’t wait to be with You. Amen.

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