Today’s Prayer (12/20/2022)

Oh Lord, I am grateful to have Your presence in my life. Thank You for leading me these many years. I am so grateful to know You more each day that I open up Your words and start reading. Even now is a very special time of the year when I can focus my attention on Your glorious birth, Jesus. You came into the world as a baby, but also God with us. It is an honor to even pray to You, Lord, for I know that Your people were once only Israel, but now we are adopted in as sons and daughters. Thank You for allowing the gentiles to be a part of Your fold, and to enjoy the same blessings as Israel. You are a Jew, Jesus, and I also love the Jewish people. Their faith in You is amazing. If only they knew that You came down to earth those two thousand years ago. It is sad that the Jewish people make an effort to not believe You, or Your sacrifice on the cross when You were on earth. Lord, I know that one day You will show Yourself to them, and then they will bow to You. You are holy. I give You praise. I love You. Amen.
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