Saturday Door Knocking (03/30/24)

We talked about Joseph Smith’s false prophecies, and how he said that Jesus would return in 1891, which never happened.  How, he said that New Jerusalem would be built and dedicated by his hand, which never happened.

Freely Come To God

Come to the Lord freely, having nobody pushing you along the path. In private, ask God to teach you His judgments.

Utah Mission Trip (04/04/23)

God is able to forgive those who walk after the commandments of men, but they must forsake their false beliefs first.

Utah Mission Trip (04/03/23)

God does not approve of any form of works based salvation, which includes what goes on for dead people in Mormon temples.

Utah Mission Trip (04/02/23)

Mormon missionaries are workers of iniquity, deceitful workers, and being led as a puppet, doing the work of Satan.

Utah Mission Trip (04/01/23)

The blind are leading the blind in the Mormon Church. We want to reach them, but their hearts are closed off to the truth.

Utah Mission Trip (10/04/22)

When God calls you to a specific area to witness, go there promptly and with the Holy Spirit giving you words to speak.

Utah Mission Trip (10/03/22)

Jesus said He is the, “I AM”, which is God. There are many that would disagree that have the spirit of the devil.

Utah Mission Trip (10/01/22)

Beware! There are many snakes out there in Mormonism. People who have no desire to learn the truth of God, but to waste our time.

Utah Mission Trip (09/30/22)

The percentage of who people actually go out and do what God puts on their heart is very low. The harvest is ripe but there are few laborers.

Divine Appointment With Damian

One thing that God does for us is change our hearts to conform to His will. This is when we learn to love others as He loves us.

Utah Mission Trip (04/05/22)

As Christians, we keep to the chosen books of the Bible and have been teaching from them for the last two thousand years.

Utah Mission Trip (04/04/22)

Through Jesus’s death on the cross, atonement was made for us. Adding Gethsemane is a false gospel and takes away from the cross.

Utah Mission Trip (04/03/22)

Jesus died for our sins and later rose from the grave. Not that Jesus paid for any sins in Gethsemane, as this is a false gospel.

Utah Mission Trip (04/02/22)

There is no need for temples since Jesus is our tabernacle. Same with priesthood, since Jesus is our last high priest.

Utah Mission Trip (04/01/22)

The Father is Spirit and an invisible God. We ought to worship Him in Spirit. He consists with the Son, and Spriit in one God.

Utah Mission Trip (10/04/21)

Even when things don’t go as you’ve planned it, keep trusting in God and it will go exactly how God planned it.

Utah Mission Trip (10/03/21)

Make time for God each day and fulfill His desires for your life. Not just one day a week, but a life lived for Jesus.