Utah Mission Trip (10/04/21)

It was an amazing day today and God gets all the glory for what He has done in and through Patrick and I. Luis had already taken his flight home the day before, but today there was so much more to do in God’s harvest with Patrick. We talked with a man while knocking doors and shared the gospel with him. In our moment with him, we spoke what God put on our heart when it comes to doing Your will, whiling repenting of our sins. We even asked him if we could pray for him and He said yes. So we prayed that he would submit his life to Jesus and that God would bless him in his desires to come to Jesus with all his heart. He accepted this challenge and also prayed afterwards thanking God that we were in his neighborhood and found him. He said in his prayer that he knew that God put us in his path today. How this was to remind him to get back on track with God. He had been doing things that were sinful but was sorry and expressed this in his prayer, while asking for forgiveness. This was amazing to witness. There was so much joy and appreciation for our obedience to knock doors that day.

Later we sat down outside the Salt Lake Temple waiting for sister missionaries to come and talk with us. Patrick was skeptical in the beginning, but it was only after sitting there for about a minute or two that these two sister missionaries started walking past us. I then said hello and God bless. They said God bless you also. However, before they could leave us I asked if they could help us understand what the temple is and such. They said yes, and I asked if they would sit with us on the grass and have a discussion. And what was amazing, is it happened just as I was prompted by the Holy Spirit before it even began. We talked about a lot of different things. One being how the Bible says we are the temple of the living God and that God does not dwell in temples made with hands. This really got them thinking about why we need temples. However, we could see their heart resisting certain thngs we said. As the Bible says, “fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.” (Proverbs 14:9)

Our discussion continued and I read the verses where Jesus taught that in heaven we are like unto angels not married, for Jesus is our bride. That baptism does not save us, but our faith in Jesus Christ. That is why the thief on the cross was saved and was never baptized. Therefore, baptisms for the dead are not of God, since baptisms do not save us. We talked about how the priesthood was only given to people in the old covenant and that Jesus is the last person hold the priesthood, being the last high priest. How only a few people are saved and the rest go to the lake of fire after judgment. We shared verses in the Bible on each one of these core doctrines of the Bible, of which they were very skeptical. How interesting that they would rather believe what their church leaders say than what the Bible teaches. The conversation was without contention, as we simply asked questions with love. They scheduled a follow-up with us but never showed up.

Throughout the day, we preached the gospel in the train station and passed out the remainder of the “Christianity Versus Mormonism” handouts to different people. I even met Jeff Durbin from Apologia Church for the first time. This was a great honor, for I have had his ministry channel, ” Apologia Stuidos”, on my site for some time. I love His desires to end abortion and to reach the lost, especially Mormons for Christ. While we were talking, I showed him his ministry on my “Daily Christian Devotionals website”. Upon seeing it, he was very impressed and was happy that more people could see his ministry though my site. He also loved the fact that we were out on a 5 day mission trip, in order to reach Mormons for Jesus. Now, before he left, I told him that I appreciated all that he and his church was doing. It was then quite late so we decided to pass out tracts at a haunted house before going home. We did this, but were later escorted off their premises by security. We give God glory for this day. Amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, thank You for leading me to the houses that we knocked on today. We would not have met this mid twenties man today if this had not happened. Truly, his desire to receive You and pray for forgiveness with us was so awesome to see. His humility was off the charts and I know that we needed to talk to him today. Although it was just Patrick and I today, You did so much through us in such a little amount of time. While sitting on the grass next to the Salt Lake Temple, we were able to talk to two sister missionaries for a little over an hour. We were filled as we spoke with them and the time we preached the gospel at the train station. I do feel like You led people to us to speak with. Everything was setup so perfectly, because You orchestrated it all. Even Jeff Durbin came our way to speak to us to see what we were today. This was a great honor to talk to a fellow Christian in the faith. Lastly, our time passing out tracts at a haunted house was also remarkable. Thank You, Lord. This trip was so wonderful. I love You, Lord. I trust in You. Amen.

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