Divine Appointment With Damian

One thing that God does for us is change our hearts to conform to His will. This is when we learn to love others as He loves us. Our love for God is extended to our neighbors and amazing things begin to happen. This is when the Lord gives us boldness to share the gospel with anyone we meet. Doing this includes serving one another, praying with people, helping the homeless, and much more. Before I found the Lord, I had no desire to do any of those things, let alone have the boldness to talk to people about Jesus. However, since I came to the Lord, all I’ve wanted to do is tell people about Jesus, pray with them, serve them, and help the homeless. Today was one of those days. It wasn’t planned, but still, God put a homeless man named Damian on my path while I was riding bikes with my friend Brent. As we rode into the parking lot of the Co-Op, he was at the corner holding a sign. I immediately knew who he was, for I had witnessed to him about the gospel, and fed him many times over the years. This led to an amazing time with him. My ability to see differently has come from God. It is written, “He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor.” (Proverbs 22:9)

Damian and I have made a beautiful bond over these years. Upon seeing him, I came up to him and asked him if I could get him anything from the store. He said, yes, since he and his girlfriend had not eaten yet. So I asked if he would come into the store with me, where he could get whatever he needed. He said yes to my offer, and went with me to get some sandwiches, drinks, and a cookie. As we walked around the store a man saw us and gave him a twenty-dollar bill. This was awesome to see such kindness from people. Then, after we checked out, I walked with him back to where he was before I met him. I then proceeded to pray for him. What I didn’t know is that people in the Co-Op saw us and were amazed by me praying for and helping this man. One lady came out and gave me some flowers and a cookie, which I gave to Damian to give to his girlfriend. It was amazing talking with this lady. Now, Damian was still with me at this time, but before he could leave I had to give him a hug. I also told him that the next time I see him, I’ll get him those shoes he needs. Praise God for this encounter. God deserves all the glory for what happened today. Thank You Jesus for putting Damian on my path. Amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I pray that You will be with Damian this day, and in the future. I am grateful that You put him on my path today. He was hungry and thirsty and I am so happy that He was able to get the things he needed at the store with me. He received prayer also and I am so happy to know of his faith in You. Lord, be with him. Lead and guide him on the path that he needs to be on. As for now, he sleeps in a van and longs to be off the streets for good. I can just imagine how cold it must get a night, so I pray that You will keep him warm. I feel bad that I didn’t have his shoes with me today. I had gotten them a while back but didn’t have them with me. So seeing his shoes so tattered and broken left me feeling broken inside. You put it in my heart to get him some new shoes and I wish I had them. So, unfortunately, he left with the shoes he had on, not being anywhere near a store that had shoes. Lord, if it is Your will, I will go back tomorrow to find him with the shoes I got him. Help me to know if this is Your will and if I should wait a week before doing this. Lead me, Lord. I will do Your will and not my own when it comes to helping him and others. I love You, Lord. Bless him and keep him warm and safe tonight. Amen.

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