God Ought To Be Feared

God should be feared in this society, but instead, most people walk in their own ways and don’t care what He thinks. Do they not realize that He is angry with them? The truth of the matter is, we are either for God or against Him. His judgments are already being made for our lives in heaven. The Lord is still looking for those who are meek and lowly of heart to save. David wrote, “thou, even thou, art to be feared: and who may stand in thy sight when once thou art angry? Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; the earth feared, and was still, when God arose to judgment, to save all the meek of the earth. Selah.” (Psalm 76:7-9) Does anyone still fear God? How about you? Those who do, live for Jesus and not themselves. They are a light to the wicked in this world. God is great and should be feared.

In people’s sorrow, they call upon God and He hears them. His wrath is then restrained. Give your vows to God and a payment of a clean heart and willing mind to serve Him. Bring Him your gifts, even a person who is ushering in good tidings for His kingdom. People who are well-known, but not in line with God, will be cast off forever. God is terrible to the wicked, but oh so lovely to the righteous. David continued and said, “surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain. Vow, and pay unto the Lord your God: let all that be round about him bring presents unto him that ought to be feared. He shall cut off the spirit of princes: he is terrible to the kings of the earth.” (Psalm 76:10-12) This is God’s truth. Learn to fear Him and your life be forever different and transformed. Amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I pray for the people in this darkened society we live. Surely, the majority of them do not fear You but instead, live for themselves. Therefore, sin is abounding and what is right is now evil and what is evil is now good. Thankfully, we have Your Words in the Bible. Come Lord and teach us Your ways. The truth is, I greatly fear You. You are so awesome and mighty above all people on earth and in heaven. To give You respect, and honor Your wishes for my life and others, is the least I can do. Thank You for saving me, dear Father. I was lost, but then You found me. I had nothing going for me, but then You came into my life and showed me my potential. You are so patient with me and every person who calls upon Your Name in all their confessions. Your mercy endures forever. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

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