Today’s Prayer (01/13/2023)

Oh Lord, I know of too many people who are on the pathway to hell. They include people in my family, friends, colleagues, and even some churchgoers that are missing a relationship with You. These people have both feet in the world and many know it too. God, talking to them about You is so difficult. They always see me as being judgmental just because I l want them to know You and be saved. If only people knew that my one true desire is to only help them draw near to You, Jesus. Do I have it all together? No. Am I perfect? No. But my life is dedicated to serving You in Your kingdom. What that looks like is up for interpretation. God, as I am fearful for the outcome of these people’s lives, I am still hopeful for some of them still. I have some wonderful nephews who are showing signs of coming to You. This is amazing. I truly hope and pray that at least one of them comes to faith in You soon, Jesus. As for other people I know, just to get one word in about You, Lord, is difficult. So I will keep praying. I love You, God. Amen.
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