God Is Angry With The Wicked

Many people think that because God is good then He must also only be loving and kind. What they don’t realize is that God’s wrath is real and He is angry with the wicked daily. This is because God is just. Being just, there are righteous judgments made on behalf of the wicked and the righteous on earth. The way we live in this determines where God will place us in the next life. Either in paradise and then heaven come judgement, or hell and then the lake of fire come judgment. For this reason, the fear of God should set in, for this leads us to do God’s will and not what the flesh desires. And so we ask God to judge us now, that we might know our faults and get right with Him before our last breath. David wrote, “arise, O Lord, in thine anger, lift up thyself because of the rage of mine enemies: and awake for me to the judgment that thou hast commanded. So shall the congregation of the people compass thee about: for their sakes therefore return thou on high. The Lord shall judge the people: judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness, and according to mine integrity that is in me.” (Psalm 7:6-8)

One day the ways of the wicked will come to an end. In death, will they pay for their sins in hell. These are those who lived in willful sin, did not believe in the one true God of the Bible, and especially didn’t do the will of the Father on earth. Their temporary joy will come to an end. However, God will give unto the righteous a place of joy, peace, and love. Where God is angry with the wicked, God is thrilled with the righteous. Everyone gets what they justly deserve when their life is over. That is why it is important that are saved and part of the upright in heart. David wrote, “oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just: for the righteous God trieth the hearts and reins. My defence is of God, which saveth the upright in heart. God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.” (Psalm 7:9-11) If you are saved like me, then praise the Lord. “I will praise the Lord according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high.” (Psalm 7:17) God is so good. He has saved a wretch like me. I don’t fear death, for He is with me. Amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, sustain Your people in these trying times. Sin is being downplayed and made like it doesn’t matter anymore. People do not want to be interrupted and told that what they are doing is wrong. This would cause them to get angry and even hurt us because of our faith. How is it that the world has turned out like this, where street preachers are even put in jail and hardly anything ever happens to rioters. This happens so often and it saddens me to see that You are no longer a part of most people’s lives. Even in the lives of people that say they believe in You, do most of them not do Your will, but their own things instead. And so I ask, God, where have the righteous gone? The wicked have infiltrated even churches and now Your elect are hard to find. You told us this would happen. That broad is the way that leads to destruction, but narrow is the way that leads to life eternal. It is unfortunate that most people choose the broad way. So I pray, God, that people will be awakened to their sins. May they allow You to judge them, that they will get right with You. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

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