Sinner’s Prayer (07/11/2022)

Oh Lord, hear my cry this day. As I have sinned against You, know that I am sorry. I have strayed from Your sight and ask that You have mercy for my soul. People have been hurt and betrayed, but to have hurt You is the worst part of all. I pray that people’s lives will heal, although I have left my marks and stains upon their lives also. What I have done against You and others I give it all to You at Your table now. Take my sins and anything else that is wrong, so that I may begin to be conformed in Your likeness. All I desire, Lord, is to do Your will and no longer live for myself. My flesh hates the thought of being chastened by You, but in my humility, I love it and am made glad because of it. Many things are broken in my life that only You can heal. Therefore, I declare that I need a Savior. Shine bright upon me, Lord, and cleanse this wretched sinner. Thank You for shedding Your blood for me by way of the cross, Jesus. Save me this day and lead me to life eternal in heaven. This is my one true desire. Have mercy, God. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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