Waging War With God At the Head

There are times when we need to step up and fight for our faith in God. This is of course when He calls us and we then respond in honor to our King.

Tithing: Old Covenant

In the old covenant people gave a certain percentage unto the Lord, whereas in the new covenant we give what God puts on our hearts.

Year-Long Sabbath Anyone?

There was a time when people observed a year-long sabbath, but those days are over. The seventh day is still ok to rest on, however.

False Versus True Gospel

It is important to know the truths of the gospel message in order to not believe in a false gospel unknowingly.

Never Let Your Light Go Dim

Willful sin tears us away from God and causes our light to go dim and then out completely. Only God can help this to not happen.

Divine Appointment With Damian

One thing that God does for us is change our hearts to conform to His will. This is when we learn to love others as He loves us.

Clean Or Unclean Before God?

Our choice in life is to live for God in His righteousness or live for the flesh in our uncleanness. Only through God is their mercy.

Playing The Whore

To be sexually active before marriage is called fornication. This is playing the whore in our promiscuity, which God hates.

Righteous Judgments

Most people, including atheists, the LGBTQ, and others know about Matthew, chapter 7. They like to use verse 1 against Christian evangelists who are sharing the gospel message to the lost. They hate it when we tell them what sin is in the sight of God, for they feel judged. This judgment, they feel is

The 2nd, 4th, and 5th Commandments

Every one of the ten commandments is important in the times we are living in. For this reason, I will be writing on a set of them each day until I am finished with Leviticus, chapter 19. The first four verses go over the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Commandments. The 2nd law is, “thou shalt

Utah Mission Trip (04/05/22)

As Christians, we keep to the chosen books of the Bible and have been teaching from them for the last two thousand years.

Utah Mission Trip (04/04/22)

Through Jesus’s death on the cross, atonement was made for us. Adding Gethsemane is a false gospel and takes away from the cross.

Utah Mission Trip (04/03/22)

Jesus died for our sins and later rose from the grave. Not that Jesus paid for any sins in Gethsemane, as this is a false gospel.

Utah Mission Trip (04/02/22)

There is no need for temples since Jesus is our tabernacle. Same with priesthood, since Jesus is our last high priest.

Utah Mission Trip (04/01/22)

The Father is Spirit and an invisible God. We ought to worship Him in Spirit. He consists with the Son, and Spriit in one God.