Utah Mission Trip (04/04/22)

The day started off with Patrick and I praying about the day. We weren’t feeling very well and asked God to heal us and help lead us to people who are hungry for the truth of God. Immediately after the prayer, Patrick and I staring feeling much better. I then started to preach at the train depot, which is near the mall at Temple Square. How “that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day.” (1 Corinthians 15:3,4) The atonement was made on the cross and not Gethsemene. After I had preached for a few minutes, a lady saw me and started coming in our direction. She then gave me a high five and said, praise God that I found another evangelist out here. Patrick was on the phone, but soon after he came over to me also and I introduced her to Chloe. Earlier that morning she was preaching on the streets but said that she had been alone in these efforts, but was amazed that she found us also reaching the lost for Christ. I then gave her the microphone and she began preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was amazing to witness. It was soon after that, that we took the train to the University of Utah, the three of us together. However, she had an appointment and would meet up with us a little later.

It was at the University of Utah that Patrick and I passed out gospel tracts and also devotional cards to every person that passed by us. What we did was say, “did you get one of these”, and then put the handout in their hands as they were walking by us. We had about a 90% success rate doing this. At the same time, we talked to many different people one on one, along with praying with two gentlemen. It was amazing. Soon after, Chloe met up with us also and we reached so many more people for Christ. She just went after people with such boldness. There were workers on the side of the path that she also reached for Christ. If she heard that someone was a Mormon, she gave them the “Mormon Teachings That Don’t Agree With the Bible” handout and explained it to them. They then took that handout with them. Throughout the time with Chloe on the campus, we ended up praying for an additional 6 people and witnessed to even more. Even a Muslim allowed us to pray with him. A person who spoke Spanish heard the gospel through Chloe also. People on that campus turned to Christ, and received Bibles, tracts, and more, as people turned to Jesus and follow Him. What took place on campus was a work of God in and through Patrick, Chloe, and me. It was amazing.

The night ended with us eating at Buffalo Wild Wings and then going to two different bars to witness at. At the first bar we went in, we a few games of pool, while the person not playing went talking to different individuals about Jesus. Chloe led this effort and through her labors, we were also able to talk to many different people for Christ. We bought some soft drinks, in order to fit in, which led to these people hearing the gospel truths. It was after this that we preached near a different bar. As people went in and out of the bar, they got gospel tracts and also heard the preaching of the gospel. That night, Patrick and Chloe preached. At the door of the bar, Chloe and I administered to the man checking people in. We also went around the corner and witnessed to homeless people. At this point, it was 11pm and we were all very tired. It was a long day, after starting the day at 10am in Salt Lake City. We dropped Chloe off that night and then went back home to Judah’s. It was sad to know that we met her the last full day on the streets, but were hopeful for in the fall to see her again. We were beat after walking almost 10 miles. This was one of those days we will never forget. To God be the glory. He allowed us to witness to dozens of people, while many seeds were planted through gospel tracts. Amen and amen.

Let us pray:
Lord, there is so much to be thankful for. This was one of those days in the harvest that I will never forget. I am not sure if we have ever had the amount of fruit that we had today in Utah. Meeting up with Chloe changed everything. She is on fire for You and it was amazing to see another Christian so bold to share Your gospel truths. We need more evangelists like her in the harvest. It was surely a blessing to have her with us in these ministry efforts. You were with each one of us in our preaching, one-on-one witnessing, praying with people, and passing out tracts and handouts. At the University of Utah, we experienced a 90% acceptance rate of accepting gospel tracts, which could have only happened because You were with us and softening people’s hearts. Most days we are searching for the one that would hear You, Lord, and then be saved. Today was different. It appeared that You put us on this campus and many people were ready to receive You. Wow! This is something I’ve never experienced. Lord, You are so good. Even as we left and talked to people in a bar, they received Your gospel truths. Preaching outside a bar was also fruitful. God, these are miracles that happened today. I love You so much and pray that Patrick, Chloe, and I will have many more days like this in the future. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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