Today’s Prayer (04/03/2022)

Lord, today we focused on helping people know what the true gospel is, how that You, Jesus, died for our sins, and then rose from the grave. Adding Gethsemane to the atonement that was made on the cross is very vile and wicked belief. It is sad to know that evil people are out there with the sole purpose to lead people to believe in another gospel. And that is what Mormons have done when they add Gethsemane to the atonement. I rebuke these Satanic teachings and ask these lost people who believe this to repent and get with You today. You let me talk with Robert, who is a Mormon apologist in Utah. We discussed the trinity and many other things and I truly believe there were seeds planted in his heart. I am also grateful for the teenagers I spoke with, whom believe people can sin all they want to and then receive a baptism for the dead and go to heaven. Truly, what Mormons are teaching is the lack of a fear of God and the desire to play God, instead of knowing that in death we will go where we deserver. How there is no way to escape hell or the lake of fire. Lord, false teachings are easy to see when studying the Bible. Thank You for preserving it, in order for us to teach from it. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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