Today’s Prayer (06/13/2023)

Oh Lord, I love You. You are so good to me and every person who calls upon Your Name. If only I knew You longer in this life, what I’ve done to sin against You would have never happened. But I know that You are a God of mercy. A God of grace and kindness. Slow to wrath and quick to forgive. You heard my cries and I had nothing left going for me but desires to get right with You. I was lost and darkness covered my life. There were chains upon me, which kept me clinging to the lusts of the flesh. But then You came to my rescue. I looked to You in faith and Your sacrifice on the cross meant everything to me. Because You bled and died for our sins, Jesus, I can live again and be with You, my bride in heaven. Thank You, Lord. It is my greatest desire to know and serve You. I am saddened my I talk to people who say they will just repent before they die, but live for themselves now. If only these people loved You and also did as You say. Please see my heart and how I love You, Jesus. Lead me safely home, God. Amen.
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