Today’s Prayer (06/14/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that those who are mockers of Your truth will one day come to faith in You. I know that this is impossible for the majority of people, but the few that are chosen are seeking You still. Lord, these wonderful people might be willful sinners, but soon they will become Your willful servants instead. It is amazing during those times I have met people and know immediately that their lives are different. How because they are searching for truth, what they are lost in now, will become a thing of the past. Jesus, these people just need You for a change to take place in their lives. Surely, hell is not for them, for inside their hearts are real confessions. This may not be who they are now, but repenting is what they will do when the message of the cross sinks in. God, Your words in scripture are alive and lead me to know what to say to people. Even when it is difficult, I am given words to speak, and lives are changed. The Holy Spirit is what changes people and I give You glory for every divine encounter I’ve experienced. I love You, Jesus. Lead me and others safely home. Amen.
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