Today’s Prayer (06/15/2023)

Oh Lord, this world is wicked and full of false opinions and false doctrines. Allowing You to be our teacher appears to be a thing of the past, but letting people be our guide is the in thing with these false religions. If only they would put their trust in You and not people, then there would be more churches teaching Your truth. God, I love Your ways. The Bible is near and dear to my heart, for it contains Your wisdom and not man’s own opinions. If only people would test what they know to be true with what the Bible says. God, Thank You for leading me out of a cult where I followed prophets and not You. It was all about how people felt that kept them believing in what they did. Thankfully, my heart was not set in stone on what is true and what is false. There was still some wiggle room in order to allow You into my life. Thank You Jesus for finding me and leading me on Your path that saves. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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