Today’s Prayer (05/30/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person who is an idolator now will repent. Do they not realize that they are breaking Your first and second commandments, which say “thou shalt have no other gods before”, and “thou shalt not make any graven image nor bow down to them”? I can understand how people who say they are not Christian would do this, but not those in Catholicism. I feel so sick inside when I see them bowing before Mary and the saints. This is really a despicable and evil act, which they don’t realize they are doing. I can just imagine how this makes You feel, God. The truth is, You speak and are alive, while all these dumb idols do nothing to help anyone. God, why are there so many people who proclaim to know You and still are idolaters inside? This makes no sense. All I can think of is that false doctrines crept into churches, and now people don’t understand what is right anymore. Lord, help these people. There is mercy if they would just confess their sins to You now. Amen.
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