Today’s Prayer (05/24/2023)

Oh Lord, thank You for this life and for everything You have done through me up until now. I feel unworthy to have the Most High God with me, but am also encouraged because You want to be with me. Who am I among the billions of people in this world? Your creation is vast and still, You make time for me. Thank You, Jesus. God, I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had up until now with people in need. To feed those who are hungry brings me so much joy. Their happiness is mine also. When I have these encounters it is like money doesn’t matter anymore. Until they have what they need like food and water, I am not happy also. This burden of caring for the needy comes from You. I was so selfish before. My desires came first and helping others, even when asked upon, I always wanted money in return. It is amazing how tides turn when I am in Your right standing. Lord, thank You for turning my wicked heart to follow You. To live for You is what I desire. To trust in the Lord is what I long for. God, forgive me of my sins and lead me from temptation. Protect me from the enemy. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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