Today’s Prayer (06/09/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that people’s minds and hearts will be turned to you. Spare the children, God, that are coming out of homosexual households. I don’t know how this is possible in my own mind, but everything is possible for You. I love little children and to see them being raised by two homosexual parents, or one, makes me sick inside. Why in the world do they think that doing this is ok? What is also sad is that many people that support the LGBTQ also attend church on a regular basis. Lord, I met one of these individuals the last time I went to a pride festival and protested it. He was hanging a pride banner in front of the Catholic church that he attended. God, I tried to reason with Him through the scriptures but he wouldn’t listen. Just like this man and other people that are trapped in the sin of homosexuality, their hearts are already fixed on what they know and feel inside is right. What they feel is what leads them, instead of allowing You to lead them, Lord. But I know that our efforts to reach the LGBTQ are not for nothing, for some people are listening and coming out of it. Praise God! I know people who were once homosexual but are now married and have children, and also are street preachers. This is amazing and I pray that I will reach more people like this. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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