Today’s Prayer (06/17/2023)

Oh Lord, I love Your ways. Lighten up my life this day and forever. This world is full of darkness, but with more people who follow You, the darkness will scatter. People will see Your light in us and begin to ask questions. This is what the world needs. People who are unafraid of Your gospel message and will declare it. God, give us wisdom so that we will know what to say. We are grateful that You have come into our lives and rescued us from the condemnation of sin and death. If our hearts are set upon what is righteous and holy, You have done it. If we have been rescued from our lustful passions and addictions, You have done it. We are incapable of escaping the temptations of the devil on our own. You are our fortress and our high tower, a God of mercy and forgiveness. I live for You, Lord, not what the world offers. God, be with us. Protect us from the enemy and help us stay true to Your Word. I pray for the salvation of thousands more people who are lost and headed to hell. Save them, Lord. I love You. Amen.
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