Today’s Prayer (04/30/2023)

Oh Lord, thank You for this day. I am grateful that Your hand is in my life and the direction you gave me today. My thoughts became much better as my mind and intentions were focused upon You. While my family was away at the store, it gave me time to ponder about the salvation You have given and what it means to have You in my life. This life has been so dark until You came in and rescued me. All I knew is that I wanted to be saved but didn’t know that I could find this out while in this life. Instead, I hate to wait until I was dead to know if I was to pass through into paradise or spend time in hell. Thankfully, my eyes have been opened and I now know for a surety that I am saved. I can tell every which person that asks me that You came into my life and changed it. I was lost and had no direction from anyone whom I could trust. But this is no more the case. You have placed in my life many people who are real Christians that have impacted me spiritually. Lord, I love You so much. Thank You for saving me. Amen.
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