Today’s Prayer (06/21/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to worship You as their King. Not just a person they cannot see that they pray to but in reality is done to please man. I often wonder if people who pray do so because they believe You are listening or simply please the masses in general. Therefore, I wonder if most of these people have not had an encounter with You that has changed their lives. A life-changing experience in Your harvest that would change the way people think about You and also pray. If we loved You, then we would desire to get our praise, worship, and thanks made known when You do something in our lives. It could be telling people, and also telling You how much we appreciative You. As for me, I cannot express my gratitude for saving me once, twice, three times, or even a billion times. You are a God of grace and someone that does not forget us when we are in trouble. Surely, when we pray, You come to our rescue and give us the peace we need to go on in life. I love You, Jesus. I pray that people’s prayer lives will increase in their sincerity in calling upon Your Name. Amen.
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