Today’s Prayer (04/28/2023)

Oh Lord, open the eyes of the homosexual people in this world. What these wicked people are doing is disgusting. These people are following Satan to the pits of hell and aren’t aware of it. I would love to see many of them come to You, Jesus, for salvation, but I know for most of them this will never happen. These people think I hate them just because I hate their sin and speak against it, but this is untrue. I love them so much as to tell them the truth. This world is going downhill fast. It is like sinking sand with the LGBTQ Community leading the charge. Satan is the god of this world and is doing all He can to lead Your best creation to hell with him. I love them nonetheless, although they may see me as a hater and a bigot. God, the people I see doing the hating are supporters and people of this community. They cuss out in anger and disgust toward Christian protestors. This is so crazy, knowing how upside down this world has become. Evil is now good and good is evil. Instead of two genders, male and female, we have a third gender for those people who don’t want to participate in either gender. God, wake them up before it is too late. Your mercy is for them. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You, Lord. Amen.
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