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Category: Prayers

Every prayer that has been written has been offered to God, based on the writings of different Devotional Messages. At the end of each message, a prayer to the Lord has been made. Each of the prayers have a link to it’s related devotional for you to read. I pray that these prayers will bless your life and that they will increase your own desire to pray.

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to look outside themselves and how they can do good towards one another. I know that our love towards You is the first part of our faith and the second being is our love towards our fellow man. If this is not being met, then our relationship with You is more asleep than anything else. So I ask that You spark a need in each of our lives to love one another, as much as we love You. May our desires to worship You and do Your will be noticed in every person that we are around. Help us to never take an opportunity to show kindness for granted and skip out on these moments because of our fears. It is in these times that people need our help, even though it may be hard to see in the beginning. It is Your convictions, my Lord, that has led me to feed the homeless. And because of this, I can no longer pass them by, but stop and care for their needs. As much I want to eat and am hungry, I know that these wonderful people have the same needs that I have. So, in these moments I simply put my trust in You, God, that the money I put forth in these efforts is not mine, but Yours. It is an offering to You, Lord, as my desires are to give You my whole heart, while in this life and the next. Whatever You have for my life, I will do. No matter the circumstances will I help a person in need. Even if it leads me to be in some trouble, I trust that You have the power to get me out of it. If anyone is in harm's way, I trust that being there for their needs is better than leaving them behind. I love You Lord and to love people around me helps me love You more and more. May this love continue to shine forth in everybody I touch, while in this life. I say these things Lord, in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that people will get the help they need, when they find themselves in desperate situations in their pregnancy. In all their stress, encourage them to know that there is still peace to be found. If they but put their trust in You, all things will work out for the good. They may not have the money now to pay for the pregnancy or raise the child, but I know that You will supply their needs. I know that there are many people praying for these women, along with myself, who wish to help them and even adopt their unborn babies, if they would just go to term with them. We just wish, Lord, that they would see the worth of every unborn child, just as You see them. How precious are Your children, for You our creator and formed us in the womb. How could anyone stop Your beautiful babies from going forth into this world and becoming Your light? Children are a blessing and I can just imagine the millions of lives that could be on this earth now, helping Your cause, if they could have just been given a chance at life. So Lord, please pierce the hearts of all people, in regards to this topic. There is a travesty when it comes to abortion and I pray that this will stop in Your holy Name, Jesus. May every Christian stand up for life and for saving the lives of the unborn. I know that this cause is valiant, but we need people to get out of their comfort zones and do what they know is right. It is You, Lord, that I love and happy to fight for. All the way, will I follow You. Lead me wherever You want me to go. I am Your child and I trust in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, Your words in the Bible speak volumes on what is wickedness and what is righteousness. Meditating on what You've written through the holy prophets and other men of God, throughout centuries, has opened my eyes to what is truth in this world. I don't have to wonder if abortion is wrong or not, since You've already said clearly that we should not murder. I also don't have to worry if homosexuality is wrong or not, since You've said clearly that lying with the same sex is an abomination in Your sight. Saying otherwise would be playing with fire, for Your words have already convicted me of what is right and what is wrong. Surely, when the Bible is our teacher, the truth is black and white. How we ought to live our lives is spelled out, lest we fall into sin and shame. I am truly grateful for Your teachings in my life Lord. I am safe from the enemy, because Your words have led me into Your light and apart from sin. I no longer want to partake in the evil deeds of the wicked, but to lift up those in the faith, that they may follow You, Jesus. It is also my desire to lead the lost to You, Lord. May they hear Your words from scripture and be convicted of their sins. Then, will they fall down on their knees and worship You, Lord. You are my King and I pray that more people will give themselves over to You, starting today. Thank You for leading me to a man, who was willing to confess his sins to You on Friday. It was a blessing to share the gospel with him and to pray over him. Watch over him Lord and lead him out of darkness and into Your light. I love You Lord. All my trust is in You. You are my Savior and the Lord of my life. Amen.
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Oh Lord, my God, I love You so much. You are so good to me God. Thank You for hearing my prayers and extending Your forgiveness and mercy upon me. Though I don't always deserve it, after all I have done, You are always so kind to lift me up me, when I need You most. You know my heart, when I am sincerely sorry and Your mercy is shown. This shows how compassionate You really are towards me and everyone else that submits themselves to You, God. You desire for us all to be saved and be covered by Your blood, that was spilt on the cross, it is just up to us to follow You and do Your will. And in doing Your will, I am also convicted of what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. If I am not as likely to forgive others as You do for me, then I am a hypocrite. My desire to be forgiven by You is not sincere if I cannot forgive my enemies. Your words in scripture have taught me this truth and I pray that I may always forgive those that have hurt me. This might be difficult at first, but Your love is able to brake every barrier. You have the power to tear down every wall and that is what I need in my life. Come and do a great thing in my life and others, as my life for You is on display towards them also. It is wonderful to be in Your service God. Doing good to those in this world brings me so much happiness. Thank You for giving me these good and righteous desires. It is because You dwell inside of me that I want to forgive everyone, no matter what they have done to me or others. I love You and trust in You, God. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people will respond to Your calling in their lives. I know that every person that believers in You for salvation, also has spiritual gifts given to them, in order to do Your will. We are all a part of Your church and our willingness to serve You matters most. I know how many people I see in a church buildings, but very few of them that are Your witnesses. So I wonder Lord, what is taking precedence in their lives. Is doing Your will important to these so-called believers, or is it only a show, come church service. It would truly be amazing to see all those people that raise their hands up in worship to You, to be also Your disciple and reach someone with the gospel. So I ask this day, that anything that is stopping a person from becoming Your witness to repent. May they examine their lives before You and allow Your blood to cover their sins. Addiction can truly way us down and keep us far distant from You. Therefore, I pray that people will be ready and willing to give up any wicked lifestyle, in order to be made righteous in You. I know that You are waiting on us all to do our part and then You will do the rest. The same way that You heard my prayers and changed all my ways, is the same thing You will do for anyone that puts their trust in You, Lord. Doing Your will and serving You in Your harvest brings me the greatest joy. I have never been so happy as when I serve You and see souls draw nearer to You, Jesus. This is what people are missing out on and I pray that this changes, starting today. I pray for laborer's in Your harvest and know that the Holy Spirit will do the convicting in people's lives. You are my God and I trust in You. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, it is a blessing to know You. Thank You for allowing me to have another chance in life and for my sins to be forgiven. It is through Your blood that my whole life has been changed and I am eternally grateful. Where I had no way to overcome sin, You gave me power to resist the temptations of the evil. It is because of Your strength in my life that I have found freedom from my addictions. You have surely done great things in my life. All the praise and glory to Your holy Name, Jesus. Thank You dear God for breaking the chains of bondage in my life and for raising me up into Your light. Surely, Your power to save is amazing and has taken a sinner like me and transformed me to live like You. It is Your holiness that I now see and I can never have enough time with You in Your Words, the Bible, and in prayer. It is Your counsel and guidance that I need to be happy. There is joy found in Your hands, oh Lord. It is my desire to have less of me and more of You, every day of my life. Take every evil thought captive and replace those thoughts with things that are holy. May Your holiness reside upon me, that others may see Your good works and desire to follow You also. Allow Your love to fall down upon all people I encounter. I pray that they experience the same joy that You have given to me and also desire to have the joy You give in their life also. I know that only roads that lead to You, Jesus, is for salvation, while all others lead to destruction. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that what You did for us on the cross will start to mean something people, especially those that say they believe in You now. It is sad to see so many people proclaim to know You, but then want to hear nothing about the Bible or the cross, while in conversation with them. It seems to me that these people don't understand the gospel and are only lying to themselves that they are saved. If people truly knew You, then they'd be coming to You with their confessions and calling upon Your Name, Jesus, daily. They would desire to have that personal relationship with You and allow Your blood to cover their sins. People would be saying hallelujah for what You did for them on the cross and not be bothered by it at all, if what You did was meaningful to people. This truly worries me, thinking of all the people that aren't allowing Your blood atonement to redeem them from their sins. I know that You are waiting for us all to come unto You, and it isn't hard at all. You never made it difficult for us to be saved, Lord. You simply made a way for us to find freedom from our sins and death and it is up to us to accept Your sacrifice. Thank You Lord for everything You have done for me and for all people. The cross means the world to me and I can never be tired of learning about Your sacrifice for sins. For this reason, I am happy to witness what You've done to the world. It is a blessing to proclaim the good news of the gospel message, which is the cross and the resurrection. I love You Lord and I pray that You will continue to strengthen me daily. Through Your hand, I am able to resist temptation. Thank You Lord. I love You. Amen.
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Lord God Almighty, I am grateful to know You and to have Your presence in my life. It is Your Words that give me new strength each day that I read the Bible. In prayer, have I come to know You as my Lord and Savior, for only You have the power to redeem me of my sins and give me strength to overcome my addictions. Where there was no power to resist the temptations of the evil one, I am now able to withstand them because of my great faith in You, oh God. Because You have taken my evil desires and transformed them unto Your perfect will, I am able to think more clearly and not give into sin as easily. It is only when I let my guard down is when I am susceptible to doing things that I know are wicked in Your sight. This breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes each time I sin and fall, because of the lusts of the flesh. I don't want to do things that I know You hate, and therefore, I put my whole trust in Your will and not my own. It is my desire to walk in Your ways and be holy as You are holy, for that brings me happiness in this life. I don't want there to be anymore sorrow to hang over my head for what I have done, but to walk free of this sinful lifestyle and to honor You in my new walk. You are my God and I love You more than this life. I pray that You will take me by the hand and lead me from here on out. I love You God and I never want to live apart from Your love again. Thank You for saving me from my sins and dying for me on the cross. It is because of what You've done, that I am forgiven. I am different because of Your mercy and compassion for my life. These things I pray and give You all the glory and the praises You deserve. Amen.
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Oh Lord, my God, it is such a blessing and an honor to live this life for You. You are my greatest delight and I am more happy than I could ever deserve. You have truly done great things In my life and I am so grateful. Thank You God. I am in awe at Your great love for me. Just thinking of You, Lord, brings tears to my eyes. I have never been so loved by anyone but You, my Father. I pray that this love that You have shown to me, over the years, will also continue to bless other people's lives. May my actions show my love and devotion to You in all that I do. Your light is what I've found and I want everyone to know that You are the reason for it. My life has been transformed because of Your compassion, mercy and forgiveness for my life and I cannot hold in my praises to Your glory. You deserve every praise and honor for the things I've accomplished and will still do by Your great and mighty hand. I've dreamt for many years to find freedom from all my sins and addictions and You heard my prayers and brought rest unto my soul. I knew not how to change my life, but by Your presence I found a new way think and to live. Truly, it was Your counsel that showed me the way. There was no longer a situation that was too hard that I could not get out of. And Lord, no temptation now is too strong as to take me down, because Your Spirit abides with me. I love You more than this world and all things. You are my greatest joy. Oh, how I love You Lord. May my faith and others continue to rest in what You did for us on the cross. I trust in You, Lord. It is an honor to live this life for You. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that as believers in You, that we will also be faithful unto You. Be with us always, that our faith may stand up against the temptations of this world. I know that our flesh is weak without You in our lives. I cannot stand up to the lusts of the flesh without You, God. Therefore, I come unto You, Lord, each day of my life, that You may build me up and strengthen me in Your Word. I need Your guidance and direction in order to know what is right and what is wrong, and therefore, stay focused on doing Your will and not my own. My desires only get me into trouble, in that moment that You are not in my heart or mind. For the few seconds or minutes that my focus is shifted upon other things, is when my mind starts to wonder. Often, do bad thoughts come in, until my flesh is giving into its lusts. This is what I fear in life. I don't want to leave You Lord and do things that are sinful in Your sight. This really terrifies me and I would never want to intentionally have Your wrath fall upon me. Therefore, in the moments that I see my flesh giving into the temptations of the devil, is when I know I should call upon Your name for help. For I know that You see the dangers that we are in, at all times, and are ready to help us. You have helped me, time and time again, when I've asked that You take my thoughts captive, and I am so grateful. It is so much better when Your love replaces the impure thoughts in my mind. Thank You for not hanging that over my head, but having mercy upon me instead. You are my God and my desires are to always have You near me. Even until the end, will I seek You, Lord, because I love You more than this life. Amen.
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Lord God, I pray that people will wake up to their sins, starting today. May they acknowledge how far they have strayed from Your presence and desire to confess them openly to You in prayer. As I pray this prayer tonight, I know that there are many people living in sexual sin, which involves lust, flirting, adultery, fornication, homosexuality and pornography. These things are ruining their own lives and their families also and they don't even realize it. The life they once knew with You is devastated because of these wicked and abominable sins that surround their lives. They do not even realize how You feel towards them, when they are doing this. This makes me very sad to see these people stumble and fall throughout their life, because of their bad decisions. It doesn't have to be like this and instead, these people are intentionally walking on a path of destruction, which only leads to hell fire. Truly, Lord, they are wasting their time on earth by not allowing You to help them change their lives. So what we need is conviction in their souls that what they are doing is wrong. Help them see this fact, that they may know how much it hurts You, others and themselves, because of what they are doing. May they experience Your wrath in the moment of their reflection upon You, our mighty God. Then, will they see what they have done and ask for forgiveness. I know that You are there, waiting for people to turn to You. I also know how merciful You are, when we do repent and give You are our whole hearts. There is no more pain or anguish, but only love and joy. Thank You Lord for forgiving me of all my sins. Your compassion is never ending. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that those in the faith will become doers of what You say and not just believers in word only. I know that our faith can do great and mighty things in our lives, if our trust is truly in You and not in ourselves alone. However, this only matters when we decide to live for You and no longer for the cares of this world. Lives are changed and darkness is scattered when You take root in our hearts. It is when we are encompassed by Your light that our eyes are opened to our current sinful lifestyle and we are convicted of our sins. Then, as we give ourselves freely to Your will, and repent of our sins, there is freedom found because of Your blood that was spilt for us on the cross. We may have strayed from Your presence and done our own things for many years, but all this is over when we finally give our whole hearts to You in our confessions. I am so grateful Lord for Your mercy. Thank You for showing me grace, even after seeing me live in sexual sin for many years. You heard my cries, even though I didn't think You could care for someone like me any longer. I deserved Your wrath, but instead You showed me compassion and gave me another chance at life. What a great God You are. Surely, I was wrong when I thought that my faith, without doing Your will, would save me. This only led me on a dark path, of which sin took over my life. Now I know Lord that when I live in Your will is when sin does not abound. I am free from shame and guilt, while doing Your good works and my conscience is clear. It is joyful when I can abide in Your presence and bless other people's lives. Doing Your will truly makes me more happy than I could possibly imagine. I love You Jesus. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that all our grudges will be cast aside today. May there be no more feelings of resentment in our hearts any longer towards those people that have wronged us. I know that it is hard to forgive someone that has hurt us so badly, but I also know that we do things that hurt you so badly and we also wish Your forgiveness. So I pray that we will not be so willing to ask for Your forgiveness when there are still walls up in our lives. Instead, look into our hearts now and if there be any ill feelings towards anyone, allow Your peace to take its place. And if relationships are broken, because feelings were hurt and wrong things were said, may we also follow the Holy Spirit and come to these people and tell them sorry. It may be hard to say sorry or tell someone that they are forgiven, but it is always worth it. And best of all, there is rest in Your great love that comes from doing this. Even broken lives can be restored because of our trust in You and not what our flesh wants to do. It is truly a blessing to just trust in You, Lord and showcase Your love and kindness to all people. When these same people, that we forgive react positively to our love toward them, everything changes for the better. What I have learned Lord is that when I just do things by Your will and not mine, that everything works out for the good. And most of all Lord, I am so grateful for teaching me what it means to forgive. It is Your great love, mercy, and forgiveness towards me that has changed how I treat all people now. May I ever learn to love as You love me, each day of my life. This type of compassion is what I need in my life also and what I need to show people to be happy. It is because, seeing people happy is true joy. I love You Lord. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that we will be more vigilant in knowing Your ways, that we ourselves will not willfully sin and not even know it. And as parents, teaching our children what is right is key to raising children to love You and to hate the darkness. Therefore, help every father and mother to love You more than the lusts of the flesh. May we long for Your holiness and not things that only lasts a moment. I know that Satan wants to deceive us into thinking that we do not have to wait to find our true joy, but that we can have it all now. This is such a lie and almost took me under, if it wasn't for Your mercy. How deep a hole I once was in my adultery and pornography addiction and if You had not helped me get out of this mess, my life would be wrecked, if not dead, because of my mistakes. Surely, Your punishments and wrath was upon me each day that I willfully sinned and did things that was only pleasing for the moment. If I had continued down this path of destruction, I would never have known Your great love for me and instead, I'd have hell to pay come judgment day. Thank You for keeping taking me home Lord and hearing my cries, though I had deliberately walked on Your commandments for many years. I was so wrong and I am so sorry for the life I once led. You could have just kicked me to the curb, but instead You took me in and cleansed me of all my sins. It was Your blood, Jesus, that washed me clean. Now my life is different and I can think clearly. What a great God you are for sparing my life. Oh, how I love You Lord. You are my God and my delight is to serve You. Amen.
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Lord, I pray that parents will desire to raise their children in Your ways, that they may know what is right and what is wrong. Also, help them understand the need to be a good example to their kids, that they may see what a Christian should live like. It is one thing for us to teach, but another thing to practice what we preach. Your words have taught me this and I know now how important it really is to be doing of what You say and not just a hearer only. So come Lord and make Your home inside of our hearts this day. Teach us what is holiness, that we may live accordingly. And if there be any sins in our lives that is keeping us away from Your presence, make it known to us now. I know that I can never learn how to do what is right in this world if You are not with me. That is why I need Your continual direction and guidance in my life. I also know that I will never be a good example to my children if You are not leading me and my wife by the hand. For this reason, I come to You in all humility, desiring to receive Your counsel, that I may be a better father figure to them, as You are to us. May my children see Your good works in my life and also desire to do the same things. Open their heart and ears, that they may be teachable, when it comes to the Bible and Your ways. May the Holy Spirit come into this house and attend to our family's needs each day of our lives. Your ways are righteous and I pray that our ways will be the same. I love You Lord. You are my God and I trust in You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I pray that people of all religions will one day understand the need to worship only one God and that is You, oh Lord. Help people realize the idols in their lives now, that they may be convicted of these things and desire to give them up for You. Surely, all idols of stone, pictures, or other things that are being bowed down to or served is idolatry. Doing such things is truly awful in Your sight and I wish that people would stop it today, that say they love You. I know that You have the power to remove every idol of Mary, the Saints, Buddha and anything from a person's heart, that is blocking them from worshipping You alone. As long as people are open to Your will, will they also yearn for Your commands and not want anything to come between them and You. This includes our time watching sporting events, playing video games, watching movies or TV, or spending time outdoors. I pray that none of these things will ever take my time away from You again. In the past it was video games, TV and movies that led me apart from Your love. And in doing this, I was caught up in pornography also. Surely, the idols I put before You almost destroyed my life and my marriage. If You hadn't come to me in my distress and woken me up to my sins, I would still be lost and broken today. Thank You Lord for caring so deeply for my needs and my life ahead of me. I know now that nothing can come before You in this life or the next. You are my God and I am willing to give up anything to have Your presence in my life. You are worth more to me than anything else I can gain in life. I love You dearly, oh Lord. You are my greatest treasure and my reward. Amen.
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