Today’s Prayer (04/26/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will turn to You with their whole hearts. Not simply saying they believe in You, but practice what they preach. Many people say they believe in You, but at the same time, don’t live for You. Instead of coming to You in prayer and Bible study, people’s attention is on their phones or TV. This is really sad. I can just imagine what is running through people’s minds when people die and knew that they gave up their most precious time for stupid things that cannot save them. You have judged them justly, and unfortunately, these people I love are in hell. God, this life is short. Put an urgency in peoples’ hearts to get right with You before it is too late. Do what You did with my friend Mark Rasmussen. It was two months ago that I called him up, while he was lying down dying of cancer. Truly, truly, he confessed his sins, proclaimed that You are Lord, and asked for You to save Him. God, I know that You heard his prayers that day. We were both comforted as we talked and prayed together. Lord, He is in heaven with You now. I can’t wait to see my brother again. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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