Today’s Prayer (04/20/2023)

Oh Lord, thank You for Your love, mercy, kindness, patience, and forgiveness. Who am I to deserve Your favor after all I have done against You? It was known in the heavens that when I was younger, I fell hard because of the lusts of the flesh. The pleasures of this world meant more to me than anything else. I felt condemnation for my sin, but was able to justify them over time. But before my days were numbered, You awakened my soul to repentance. It was fear that gripped me from within, and now I wanted to know You, the only true God. My life was in disarray, but I knew that You had the power to heal it. My sins were heavy, but Your mercy was stronger. My tears came streaming down when You came and put Your arms around me. There was love that I had never felt before. No longer was I alone in trying to deal with my sins, for with Your presence in my life I am strong to resist temptation. While I was scared before to say “get behind me Satan”, I will say this now in Your authority. I love You, Jesus. Have Your way in my life. I believe in You, Lord. You are my God and I worship You today and forevermore. Amen.
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