Today’s Prayer (04/08/2023)

Thank You Jesus for coming into the world in order to save us from our sins. Our lives are covered in sin and would stay this way if You had not paid the penalty for our sins while on the cross. Thank You, Lord, for paying off our debts in full, although we don’t deserve it. It is wonderful to remember Your death, burial, and resurrection. This is the gospel message, which I am grateful to share with as many people as would have ears to ear. It is my prayer that people will turn from their sins and to You, no matter the life they are living now. Help them understand that no matter how big our sins are, nothing is too big for Your mercy to cover us and make us whole. I am grateful that You shed Your blood for us, ending the need for more sacrificial offerings. Truly, only the lamb of God could do this. You are the Lamb that has the power to open scrolls upon Your return also. I long for that day. The day I will see You, Jesus, in all Your glory, coming in the clouds. Take me away to live for You, Lord. Raise me up on the day to life eternal. I love You, Jesus. I give You my life and my everything. Amen.
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