Today’s Prayer (03/28/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people in the LGBTQ community will find freedom from the bondage they are in. Many of them know that what they are doing is sinful, however, they have chosen to put these thoughts aside while listening to what the world says instead. It is sad, that people would rather trust in people instead of You, God. You have given us a conscience for a reason. This way people can know what is right from wrong. Unfortunately, many wolves in sheep’s clothing are telling people to come as they are and stay as they are when it comes to how they feel inside. What was once taught, which is to come as You are, but allow You to conform us into who we should be is removed. Surely, what is evil is now good and what is good is now evil. Things have been flipped upside down, where Your righteousness and holiness are nowhere to be found. But Lord, I have not given up on You, nor have millions of others. We are anxiously awaiting Your coming, while trying to light up the world around us. Only You can shine brightly from within and help lead us to those who are ready to receive You for salvation. This is what I pray for, even this weekend in Utah as I hit the streets. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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