Utah Mission Trip (10/07/19)

The day began with me having an interview with Shawn McCraney on the show Heart Of The Matter. That interview can be found here (Part 1 and Part 2). After the interview, we got back on the streets, but our time there was limited. So we made the most of it, of course. Right away, we met up with two middle-aged women from Germany, who were also Christian. They were currently on a tour of Utah and temple square. After knowing this, we told them that although things look really nice on the outside, what is really taking place on the inside is not of God. With that said, we explained some of those things to them, that was based on the “Mormon Teachings that don’t agree with the Bible” handout. They were interested in that handout and took one. After talking with them about these things, we asked if they needed prayer, of which both of them did. So Luis prayed over the lady since she had a back problem. It did take two times praying for her, but her back pain got better. The other lady just wanted prayers in general, and Luis prayed for her too. She also felt better after the fact and was in a lot of peace.

After we visited with these ladies, we left them and went our way down towards the two other visitors centers, one being the family history center. They both went in them, while I stayed outside. It was then that I saw this young lady just sitting outside of it, and as I normally do things I could not help but talk with her. However, right away I was told that she was good in Mormonism and didn’t want to hear anything different. And since her heart was hard at that point, all I could do was pray with her. So I asked if I could do that and she agreed. Praise God! The prayer was amazing. It was the Holy Spirit speaking to her life and how she needs to be seeking God each day, in order to know the right path in life. We cannot get our answers from people all the time but need to come to God about things, in order to see if it is true. I also asked that God would bless her life and place her on the path of righteousness. There was so much more that was said, but all I can say is that she was very happy when the prayer was done. She was grinning from ear to ear and said thank you.

After this encounter, I was then led to talk with a young man that was watching their family’s dog, while his parents were also in the family history center. God also led me to talk to this man and it went very well, indeed. Just like the ladies, I went over the “Mormon Teachings that don’t agree with the Bible” handout, but with him, I was able to go through things more in detail, since he is a Mormon. We even read many of the verses that pertained to the cross and the gospel message. That Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected the third day. So after reading verse after verse with him, he then agreed that Jesus only paid the penalty for sins on the cross, and not the garden of Gethsemane. With that being said, we also talked about three different hymns in the Mormon Church. One being, praise to the man, and how we ought to praise the Lord, our God, and not men. The second being, follow the prophet, of which we ought to be following Jesus, and not prophets in our day. The third being, I am a child of God, of which this is untrue. We become children of God through faith in Christ only. We also talked about how there is only one true God, and no other gods before Him, therefore, Mormons will never become gods themselves. In these discussions that we had, he just ate them all up and was very interested. We also talked a little more until his family came out of the family history center and he had to leave. However, he did take the handout, even though his family didn’t seem to be very happy with him or me, for listening to me.

This concluded this day and I give God all the glory. Thank You, Jesus, for leading me to so many different people to talk to. Again, this speaks of your willingness to send people our way when we go out into Your harvest. Amen.

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