Halloween Night Evangelizing: 2019

Many people are lying to themselves, saying that they believe in God, when they voluntarily participate in such a dark and evil day as Halloween, instead of abiding in Jesus.

Jesus Is My Rock And My Salvation

In this life there is only one person that can defend us from the enemy and that is our Lord God. As David said, “the Lord is our defence; and the Holy One of Israel is our king.” (Psalm 89:18)

Halloween Is the Devil’s Holiday

Did you not know that the bible says, “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

I Glorify In Jesus, My Lord

Much like Mary glorified in her Son, Jesus, oh how my soul praises the Lord, my Savior. My heart doth magnify the God of Israel and every nation.


So the question is now, should believers have any reason to still covet? You may think not, but the answer here might surprise you, because we should. What? How can this be?

Faith That Is Fruitful For God

If you say you love Jesus, then obey Him also. Then will your faith be on full display and you will become a light unto the Lord in this darken world.

Making Time For God

You know what’s interesting? These people that don’t make time for God are also very wicked. Not only do they have idols in their lives, because of the things I’ve mentioned, but they willfully sin as well.

Halloween Is Not Of God

The Lord is our light and our strength. If you desire to follow Him, then why not allow His light to expel the darkness in your life.

Living For God Makes Us Different

God uses people in the faith that not only believe in Him, but also love Him with their whole hearts. This means that a person has sought out God, in order to know Him.

Which Pathway Are You On?

The ways of God are made clear to those that desire to follow Him until the end. Knowing that many don’t, we know that such people that do are God’s elect.

Jesus Is Our Everything

Jesus is the only person that can break us free from our addictions, depression, and shame. So please come unto Him today!

People Who Commit Suicide Are Not Saved

The act of Suicide is very sad indeed. Not only does this selfish act cause people to grieve, but also causes the same person that killed themself to grieve over their new condition when they wake up in hell.

Abortion Goes Against God And His Creation

Now, if you think that Jeremiah was on key when it comes to life, wait till you see what David said. As David prayed to God, his thoughts were set on his own creation.

The Fall Of Lucifer

God also spoke unto Isaiah regarding the fall of the person we know as the devil, from heaven and onto the earth.

Pornography Needs To Be Addressed

Pornography is adultery in God’s eyes. And because of this, He does not tolerate it either. This is why this vial sin is on the list of willful sins that will keep a person out of heaven when they die.

A Royal Priesthood

Because you have decided to not just believe but follow Jesus, the Lord has awakened you from your sleep, in order for you to know greater things.

Living For The Flesh Or God?

Earlier, I mentioned a portion of the story of the prodigal son. This is because we are all like him at one time in our lives.

Why We Have Breath

From the foundation of this world, nobody was supposed to die in their sins. For us to pay the price of our own sins would mean that what Jesus did for us on the cross was not important.

Utah Mission Trip (10/08/19)

As we were going to continue walking, this other gentleman came up to us and said he was willing to answer any of our questions.

Utah Mission Trip (10/07/19)

After we visited with these ladies, we left them and went our way down towards the two other visitors centers, one being the family history center.

Utah Mission Trip (10/06/19)

After this experience with this man, I continued to preach the gospel to people that passed by me. They were coming and going from the conference center and it was a great time to witness the truths of the gospel to them.

Utah Mission Trip (10/05/19)

Later, I was able to witness to a Mormon who was seeking God. Because he was ripe for the truth of God, we were able to share the truth about the cross, the gospel, prophets, temples, and other things.

Utah Mission Trip (10/04/19)

Please pray for us, that there will be much fruit and that many souls will be saved. Praying that the Holy Spirit will light a fire in people’s hearts.

Do You Believe In The Gospel?

So let’s examine what the gospel is in the Bible, and if you are interested to know where it is defined, you can find these verses in 1 Corinthians, chapter 15.

Follow Jesus And Not Prophets

Since Jesus is our mediator to the Father we can come to Him specifically in prayer, and no longer have to go through a man any longer for answers.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

If you love the Lord, then choose to hang out with the right people, which are brothers and sisters in the faith. In doing this, you can still be a good example to others, of course.