Utah Mission Trip (10/05/19)

As the day began, I gave some chips, water, and a winter hat to a homeless man, while praying for him. He was in tears during the prayer and said this was the best thing that has happened to him in a long time. It also very much brightened his day today, he said. We also found another homeless man who was sitting next to the mall entrance, of which I was able to give him also some chips and water. Patrick prayed over him and he was so grateful. We also witnessed to him the meaning of Jesus Christ and what it means to follow Him as well. He found our talk very enlightening and even wanted a Bible, which I was able to give him. Praise God for his submissive heart to know God. Then, as we started walking towards Temple Square, I was with Luis and we saw a man, who God led us to witness to. It went very well, as we were able to share with him the truth of the Bible and why we don’t need prophets anymore, but Jesus Christ alone. And as we looked at the Temple, we explained that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit now and that God doesn’t dwell in temples made with hands. The man also had a friend with him who seemed interested at first, but then was trying to get him to leave. However, before this man left, we were able to read in the Bible and validate our points about prophets and temples. He also took one of my flyers I made that compared Mormon Teachings with the Bible.

Later, I was able to witness to a Mormon who was seeking God. Because he was ripe for the truth of God, we were able to share the truth about the cross, the gospel, prophets, temples, and other things. When it came to the cross, as we taught from scripture, he came to realize that Jesus’s payment for sins happened on the cross and not Gethsemane. He also realized that the cross and the resurrections are key to the gospel. When it comes to the prophets, through the Bible, we were also able to show him that the law and the prophets were until John. Jesus once spoke through prophets of old to the people by God, but now God speaks through us through Jesus. There still is prophesy, but it is now given to individuals in the faith, of which the people do not follow them. When it comes to temples, we taught that Jesus no longer dwells in temples made with hands, since we are now the temples of God. Based on what we taught him, he and his girlfriend wanted to spend most of the day with us. They were hungry for the word and just wanted to be around us so that they could know more and more. We also had lunch with him, his girlfriend, and a Mormon apologist, who is 70 years old. That was an awesome time as well. While in the food court we got to know them a little more and also proclaimed more of the gospel with them and the Mormon apologist. What is amazing is that there was no arguing, but simply each of us sharing our different words of wisdom from the Bible with our dear friends in Christ.

While out and about, I was able to speak to this young man in college. He was not Mormon, nor Christian, but was hungry for God’s Word. Because of this, I was able to explain to him the need to love one another as Jesus loves us and the people when He was here. That means stopping to feed the homeless, pray for the sick, visit those in prison. I mentioned that the Holy Spirit is what leads us to do these things, and by doing this, we do it unto God. I then proclaimed the gospel to Him about the cross and the resurrection. That it is important to know that Jesus paid for our sins and to come unto Him. We do not know the time that we will die, so we need to not put off repenting for our sins and making Jesus our Savior. From the conversation, I asked if he had a Bible and he didn’t. So I grabbed one and gave it to him, of which he gladly accepted. He also took a “Mormon Teachings that don’t agree with the Bible” pamphlet, lest he is deceived by the Mormon church. This was an awesome experience. And just like the other gentleman, he just wanted more and more of the words of wisdom from God’s Word.

Also, this day, I was able to talk with this Mormon lady with my other Patrick friend. After meeting her, I asked if she knew about the Mormon Church and she said yes, but that she was Christian. At first, we thought this meant that she was Christian and not Mormon, but we were wrong. Anyhow, we gave her the same pamphlet and started going through some of the teachings of Mormonism that don’t agree with the Bible. One of those things was that Jesus died for our sins and that His payment was not done in Gethsemane, but on the cross. This was hard for her to understand since, in the garden, Jesus sweat as it were drops of blood. From this we explained this it looked like blood, but nowhere in the Bible does it say that it was for sins, but on the cross alone. She eventually understood this after reading from many passages in the Bible. With us. We also spoke about Temples and that we no longer have need of them. God doesn’t dwell in temples made with hands, for we are the temple of God. While with her, it went really good. There was really a good discussion and our facts were out of the Bible alone. It was good for her to see the differences of the Bible and Mormonism. It really opened her eyes to the truth. Anyhow, as she left, she admitted that she was Mormon and Christian at that. To that remark, all I know is that seeds were planted with her today.

We also talked with this older Gethsemane, this being me, and my two Patrick friends. Our time with him was a little rocky because his defense was up. However, in the half-hour we talked with him, we explained the need to follow Jesus now and not prophets, according to the Bible. The same can be said for the need to no longer have temples, for we are the temple of God. The cross was also spoken of and explained that this is where Jesus died for our sins and saying anything else is another gospel. Because Mormonism adds Gethsemane to the payment of sins, this is another gospel. Lastly, we explained that Jesus said there is no marriage in heaven and that these marriages in the temple are for naught, for our marriages do not carry over when we die. Along with the temple, the Bible is specific about not calling upon the dead, but the Mormons do everything in the temple for the dead, which is wicked and abominable to God. Anyhow, his defenses were up and had a rebuttal for most of these things, except for the mention that deacons were married in the Bible. With him, since his heart was hard, I know that he heard the truth of God in that little time we had with him. It is up to him to ponder on what we said and then allow God to convict his heart.

There were many other people that we had discussions with, but they were shorter. They were also very hard-hearted when it came to learning about what we had to say from the Bible, and they also didn’t wish to listen to the truth, which is sad. They wanted to say what was on their chest and that was it. Once we started speaking, they walked away. Anyhow, I give God the glory for all He was able to do through us on this wonderful day in His harvest.

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