Today’s Prayer (04/06/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that many people in the Mormon cult will resign once and for all. Most of what they teach is straight-up heresy, but only a few of them will ever know this to be true. God, I fear that because Satan has them under his spell, that it is harder than ever to reach Mormons for Your sake. Will I continue to witness to them? Of course. Lord, I am looking for the one in the ninety and nine, of whom is sincere in their desires to know and believe in You, Jesus. I am speaking of the real Jesus of the Bible, not a fake Christ in Mormonism. God, I rebuke these workers of iniquity. Missionaries in their so-called church are not doing any good, but harm when it comes to destroying the true beliefs in Christianity. The blood of these people, whom they deceive, is upon their heads. Thank You for revealing this truth to me. They do not realize that their temple works are all in vain. How it is a works salvation that they are doing for themselves and for the dead, which are filthy rags. God, help them. Stir them up to repentance, that they may forsake what is false and cling to what is true. I believe in You, Lord. You can do all things, even to lead people out of bondage and to salvation. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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