Today’s Prayer (04/04/2023)

Oh, Lord, I am grateful for this mission trip. There were countless people that You put on our paths. Many individuals heard Your truth with an open heart, and also acknowledged that they could be wrong. This trip was a cold one, but that did not deter Patrick, Adam, and I, from witnessing to Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and people of all faiths. As much as it was fun raising up our sign during the LDS General Conference, it was also a blast interviewing people at the University of Utah, and knocking on doors. I love these people, so as to share Your truths with them. Who am I to think I know everything? Therefore, I put my whole trust in You, God, and what the Bible teaches. We would have never known the words to speak to people if You did not fill our minds with wisdom. Even in the hour and minute that we talked with people, we were able to quote verses from the Bible from memory, which You put on our hearts. I would also not have known who to talk to, unless You put them on our paths. Thank You, Jesus. I love You, God. Your works were on display. Amen.
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