Today’s Prayer (04/15/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for Christians in this dark and dreary world we live in. Everywhere we look, if it is on TV, there are scantily clad women in commercials, on TV, and in movies. Sex scenes are now the norm in these shows, along with homosexuality being normalized and seeing same-sex couples kiss and more. Thankfully, You have taught me a lesson when it comes to TVs and I am limited to only a few hours a week on it. And if I do turn it on, I am seeking to watch something that would bring me closer to You, not the opposite. God, I truly wish people would pay attention to the music lyrics on the radio and music streaming services. If people say they love You, then they are also willing to cut out of their lives any kind of music that would drive away the Holy Spirit. Lord, my life has changed just by cutting out TV, movies, and music that doesn’t help me spiritually. I love to watch ministry videos now and listen to Christian music. Your presence is near and I want You in my life daily. I love You, Jesus. Be ever with me, Lord. Amen.
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