Today’s Prayer (05/01/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for the Mormon people. I know that some of them, especially those who are new to it, know about the problems in their temples. These people feel an evil spirit each time they enter in. You have revealed this to me, as thousands of Mormons now know in their hearts that they are in a cult. What they do with this knowledge is different. God, I am truly saddened to see that people leave the Mormon church and become an atheist. This is not any better than what they had before as both paths lead to destruction. But, God, I am so grateful for those few people who leave and also become devout Christians. These people are everywhere, although their numbers are fewer. You have called me out of the midst of Mormonism back in 2012 and I am so much better off now that I found You. Not only have You come into my life, Jesus, but You have saved a wretch like me. There were no changes that took place in my life back when I was part of that cult, but the moment I left it behind for Your sake everything changed. The music I listen to now is about You. The TV I watch is about You. My desire to play video games has ceased. You are my joy, my Lord, and my God. Thank You for Your hand in my life. Your mercy endures forever. Into Your arms, I run to daily for protection. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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