Today’s Prayer (06/16/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will be found seeking You on a daily basis. This life is too short to waste it through vanity. So many people know the path they should take, but unfortunately, live out their own lives without You. It is as if I can see these people that have died and are now in hell. Oh the grief, pain, and regret they are feeling right now. They had You in their clutches, but would not give into it and instead chose what the world offered. Surely, Your ways are greater than gold, for it cannot be destroyed or rust over time. For this reason, I’d rather store up treasures in heaven, instead of have luxuries in this life. It is better to give the money I have to those who are in need. It is better to preach the gospel and be hated by people than to conform to the world and be famous. You told us, Jesus, that we would be persecuted because of Your Name and our belief in You. This has come true these many years while in the harvest. So many people hate me because of my devotion to sharing Your good news. But it is worth it. I love You more than anything God. Amen.
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